Master Boot Record on PCs

  David4637 10:46 20 Jan 2011

Can someone please advise me how this works -

1. Does it use the same file(s) in the MBR for all makes of PC?

2. If it gets corrupt/delete people advise use fixmbr to repair it/replace it, if not what is required to make it work again?

3. Does an external HD (for backup purposes)have a MBR in a separate partition?

Any help on understanding this mystery would be apreciated?

Thanks David

  scotty 10:55 20 Jan 2011

I looked into this when re-installing XP on a Dell. I found this link very informative: click here

Dell use a modified MBR. You loose this modified MBR if you run fixmbr or if you have used GRUB to dual boot with linux.

  robin_x 11:46 20 Jan 2011

Paragon Backup specifically allows a backup copy of MBR (tick checkbox when selecting partitions to backup)

I have made a small backup of my MBR and unlabelled:SYSTEM
partitions on my Compaq and keep in a safe place.

Of course I have also made fuller image backups of MBR+SYSTEM+C:+D:(Recovery partition)

Paragon also has a fix MBR option. But will only be a generic one I guess. No good if your Dell is specific.

click here;1

Other backup/image programmes may also do similar.

  GaT7 13:11 20 Jan 2011

1. No, as already mentioned

2. May depend on the system & the symptoms displayed. Another related command is 'fixboot', which fixes a corrupt partition boot sector

3. An external HD doesn't need or have a MBR, unless it is being used to boot the OS off it

If you can tell us the specific HD/booting problem you're having, we may be able to give you a better answer. G

  dororof 13:58 20 Jan 2011

I have recently read about the upsurge in a particularly insidious viral strain the 'Ransomeware'group of virus's,which apparently target the MBR.

here>> click here
My question is ..would this procedure help/mitigate
against the effects of such an intrusion.???

  lotvic 14:26 20 Jan 2011

You'd be better to start your own thread for your question
Click on 'Start new subject'

  David4637 11:04 22 Jan 2011

Question - does taking an image back up of the C: drive (OS) using say Acronis, does it include the MBR?
Thanks David

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:42 22 Jan 2011


  David4637 13:57 22 Jan 2011

Thanks that's useful to know.
All the best David

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