GOWRY 16:51 09 Dec 2003

I recently installed a sony DVD writer as a second drive. already have a Phillips DVD drive
how should I set the master/slave setting
I like to use the sony as the Primary

  bremner 16:53 09 Dec 2003

The writer is better as the master and the Rom as the slave

  LeadingMNMs 17:07 09 Dec 2003

Should matter as long as the jumper settings are correct for their position on the cable. Whichever is easier for you to do as far as i'm concerned.

  Gaz 25 17:10 09 Dec 2003

Its not really the most important thing.

Just fit it either way and ensure the HDD is master.

  GOWRY 17:55 09 Dec 2003

the newly installed dvd writer worked but crashed,will not open the door. I have to shut down the computer. Then is one the original is working fine

  bremner 18:04 09 Dec 2003

gaz 25 post may be confusing.

The Hard drive should be master on IDE1.

The two DVD drives should be on IDE2 and to quote from the Pioneer FAQ page

"CDRW or DVD-RW drives are normally set-up as the master drives, this allows the more important drive to control the data flow on the IDE bus."

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