Massive WAV files created with Audacity

  haven't a clue 15:08 02 Dec 2004

Hi, I've eventually got round to copying my vinyl LPs onto CD. I am using Audacity to save the files by exporting whole sides of an LP to a .WAV file. Rather I thought I was until the PC ran out of room to save it in the directory I chose. I can't recall the size of file it created (i'm at work at the mo) but even though it was big, I have loads of space on the PC (I think). Do I need to compress the exported file somehow - if so how?.
Basically what is the best way to record my vinyl in a manageable size prior to burning. I chose Audacity for it's freeness.

  Sethhaniel 15:20 02 Dec 2004

makes a 20mb wav file into 2mb MP3 file


  haven't a clue 16:33 02 Dec 2004

thanks, thinking about it there is an option on Audacity to export to MP3, I didn't use it because I understood a WAV file would be better to burn to a CD for playback

  Simsy 17:29 02 Dec 2004

an audio CD, you're just as well to leave them as .wav files.

Essentially that's what audio files on a CD are, with the following specs;



16 bit sampling

If you don't save them in this format, then the burning prog, (Nero or whatever), will have to convert them to this as part of the burning process. This will mean that your work in converting them to MP3, (with associated loss of quality), will have been a waste of time.

Of course, if yuou are intending to burn them as mp3 cd's, (which wont play in most audio cd players), or you are short of HDD space, then ignore what I've said!!

Good luck,



  pj123 18:14 02 Dec 2004

You might like to try LP Ripper and LP Recorder I use these two programmes and they are perfect for the job I want.

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