Massive file filled my HD

  john bunyan 17:54 15 Oct 2013

My System partition suddenly filled and I lost all restore points and nearly stopped altogether. Using Easeus Partition manager I extended the C drive by taking space from the Data partition. I used TreeSize and found a massive file in my user /app data folder - a Google Earth Unified_Cache folder of over 40 Gigabytes. I managed to delete it and now have plenty of spare space. I record this for comment - how could this massive cache have happened? I quickly created a new restore point but could have had a disaster.

  Bris 18:20 15 Oct 2013

Some info here:


  john bunyan 18:32 15 Oct 2013


Thanks. I am not sure how it manages to overwrite the restore points - very worrying.

  lotvic 18:55 15 Oct 2013

Thanks Bris, blimey, seems I narrowly averted same happening. It's only a few weeks since I uninstalled GE instead of letting it update, phew.

  Bris 19:00 15 Oct 2013

Computing is fun init.

  john bunyan 19:14 15 Oct 2013

I used Revo to completely uninstall GE 7 then downloaded GE from Filehippo. GE 7 did not show an update. I am a bit miffed as one would think they would have cured this themselves.

I still do not know how it overwrote the system restore files.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:33 15 Oct 2013

JB I thought you had a time machine built into your GE so you could look at earth in the past that's how you solve all of Brumas Old Pot card quizzes.


  john bunyan 20:12 15 Oct 2013

*Fruit Bat /\0/*

I am losing my touch to you - your finding the 965 was brilliant! Still trying to find out how restore points overwritten - any views?

  john bunyan 09:41 16 Oct 2013

Closing this as no one seems to know how to stop this problem over writing the restore files...

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