mass yahoo mail

  f1fan 17:42 01 Apr 2005

A few days ago I emailed 48 small companies from a newly open yahoo email account. The email contained just a few lines of pain text and a link to my website.

The addresses were placed in the ‘to’ line separated by commas.
When I pressed send I had an error message that said “message could not be sent, you have exceeded your mail quota for today, this quota will increase as you use yahoo mail”. When I looked in the ‘sent’ mail folder, it contained only 2 email addresses. I did not press send again.

A little later I became aware that several companies were receiving this mail thousands of times, some over 10,000 times!

Have contacted yahoo and so far all they have said is “does this always happen?”

Can anyone explain this situation??

I do not have a server and my computer was switched off a few minutes after sending the mail.


  Andybear 18:41 01 Apr 2005

'A few days ago I emailed 48 small companies from a newly open yahoo email account.'

Isn't this called spamming?

  f1fan 19:10 01 Apr 2005

I am looking for answers, not questions.

  f1fan 11:15 02 Apr 2005

any ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 11:28 02 Apr 2005

Try a new mail account.

  f1fan 12:57 02 Apr 2005

Have no option as yahoo shut the account down.

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