marscore.dll not found Repeat Problem

  taywood 09:58 16 Aug 2003

To cure a problem in WinXP I did Restore- accidentally right into the time when I had the marscore.dll not found problem.
I've downloaded the .dll, unzipped it and did drag and drop to C:\windows\system32.
Now how do I fix it in the Registry.

Last time Stupidhead advised to do sfc /scannow but now I'm asked for the WinXP CD which I didnt get. I've tried regsvr32 c:\windows\system\marscore.dll and get 'the specified module could not be found'
It seems the downloaded .dll is not 'fixed' into the Registry.
Help please, I'm stuck and cant do a restore back further in time till its cleared.

  xania 14:10 16 Aug 2003

What do you mean - you didn't get the WinXP CD. If you haven't got it, I assume that this is a recent purchase with XP installed - they should at least have given you a CD to enable you to restore your machine to the way it was. You should go back to your seller and INSIST they give you the CD - ideally the OS, but at least the restore 'mirror' CD. Without the former, you cannot use SFC and without the latter you cannot do anything.

  krypt1c 14:55 16 Aug 2003

Found this thread click here

  krypt1c 15:27 16 Aug 2003

xania - As it happens there's an interview with the MS UK licensing manager in the current [October] edition of PC Advisor [p 76] in which the issue of rescue cds is addressed. Her answer is 'It's entirely for OEM suppliers to decode whether or not to supply a Windows CD. Microsoft doesn't specify that this must be done and there are no plans to do so'

  taywood 00:02 17 Aug 2003

It is my intention to go back further in time before the first time I got the 'marscore.dll not found' problem.

But I cant access the Restore until this 'marscore.dll not found' is settled.

krypt1c is correct, my PC came with XP builtin and from mesh Computers I received only a Recovery CD with instruction to use it with their Tech Support only as a last resort solution.

I'm still no further on. Search confirms that
marscore.dll is in c:\windows\system32 but the error message still says 'marscore.dll not found.

  krypt1c 00:28 17 Aug 2003

Hi taywood - As far as I can see your only option is to contact Mesh for help. Catch 22. Can't detect marscore.dll without running sfc /scannow Can't run sfc /scannow without WinXP cd - K

  krypt1c 00:34 17 Aug 2003

Just a thought. In order to run sfc /scannow you need a WinXP CD, but does it have to be the one for your installation ? If you know somebody who does have a CD it might be worth trying with that.

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