Mapyx (QUO) Mapping Software Problem

  thegreypanther 11:30 04 Jun 2013

When I use the Mapyx (QUO) program with OS maps on Windows 7 or Windows 8, the map is displayed with a red tint to it, - not the clear white that one would expect or want. I have tried just about every setting in the Mapyx Toolbox, but NOTHING works.

I have sent in a technical question to Mapyx, but there has been no reply in a week.

Is there ANYBODY out there who can help explain why the Mapyx (QUO) maps are displayed with this red colouration, or let me know where suitable technical help is available for Mapyx (QUO). The problem is driving me nuts.

  rdave13 11:42 04 Jun 2013
  stevenmapyx 13:18 04 Jun 2013

Try phoning the help line on 0844 3577734. Or go to Explorer, Loaded maps, click on the maps such as 50k to turn them blue, then go to the icon above far right (Draw Map Tile Areas) and click. I do work for Mapyx and apologies about a slow response.

  thegreypanther 14:40 04 Jun 2013


Many thanks. I feel a bit of a fool as I saw the relevant button, but didn't realise it had any association with the red colour! Looks like the system works fine again.

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