Mapping Programs - Which would you recommend?

  Pesala 20:31 07 Dec 2003

I currently use Route 66 2000-2001, but there is no upgrade path, and I find that it often crashes.

I need:

• To make locations maps to give directions

• Find the shortest walking routes (in London)

• Locate addresses from postcodes

• Keep a visual database of contacts or places of interest with pushpins

Which program would you recommend? If it is more than £50 inclusive I won't be interested.

  Djohn 22:24 07 Dec 2003

I've always found Microsoft autoroute to be excellent for this use. I have the 2003 version which meets your requirements.

2004 has just recently been released and even on the PC World web site is only £45.00. You may still be able to pick up the 2003 version for a lesser price. I won't include a link to the PC World site as they are time expired pages and will come up blank. j.

  keenan 22:34 07 Dec 2003

Use 'Autoroute' not let me down yet.
New version click here

  Taran 22:39 07 Dec 2003

I have to agree that Autoroute is an excellent choice.

I've used others including AA and Route 66 but Autoroute gets my vote.

  Pesala 22:58 07 Dec 2003

Autoroute is about double the price of Route 66. It would have to have something pretty special to justify that much price difference.

I wonder if there are any reviews or alternative options. A search at Dabs gave one other, Softwair Travel Manager. If they can't even spell, it doesn't bode too well for their software.

  Pesala 23:08 07 Dec 2003

Product Information from PC World

Only £20 inclusive

• Calculates the fastest, shortest & quickest route to your destination

• Covers the whole of Great Britain including the latest road networks

• 7 levels of zoom – down to street level
Search by city, town district or street to find map locations quickly and easily

• Print out a map and summary of directions to take in the car with you

• Copy function lets you email a map to business clients, friends and relatives

  Bagsey 23:17 07 Dec 2003

Have you tried click here I use it for all of my walking and save a lot on OS maps.It has all of the recognised footpath ( rights of way)

  Bagsey 23:21 07 Dec 2003

Sorry gave you the international site.Should have been click here

  Pesala 23:33 07 Dec 2003

I have added it to my bookmarks, but I really want a CD version to zoom in and out easily. I need to find my way to bed now.

  Djohn 23:38 07 Dec 2003

Pesala, I've not tried the Time's one so can't comment on it, except to say it looks good value for money, but then Route 66 does as well.

Autoroute offers all of the above and much more, very easy to use and extremely accurate.

I used it a few weeks back, my postcode to mum-in-laws postcode, [Wanted to check the accuracy of distance/time taken and fuel used]. It was spot on on all three.

Both postcodes are blocks of housing at each end of the journey, the mileage travelled was within .2 of a mile of that given in the summary. j.

  Pesala 19:06 08 Dec 2003

I don't have a car, so only very occasionally plan longer journeys for others. Quality of the maps and flexibility of the tools for copying, zooming, drawing, annotating, etc., is probably more important than satellite navigation.

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