Mapping drives / pinging problem

  meekerboy 10:05 11 Mar 2008

I have a network of 4 machines. I recently moved 2 printers (connected via USB) from the 1 XP Pro client to another.

Since then, all other clients have not been able to ping each other or map drives to each other. They cannot see each other in Network Places either. However internet access is fine.

This sounds initially like a router problem, however the clients can all ping and map drives to the file server.

Windows Firewall has been disabled on each client.

Any ideas?

  meekerboy 10:19 11 Mar 2008

I discovered what the problem was. All clients (except the file svr because it uses Ubunto) has installed an update to their Symantec configuration. Somehow this disabled the settings.

I temporarily disabled all the firewalls, mapped the printers and drivers, restored the firewalls and it worked!

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