Map Network Drive USERNAME & PASSWORD ?

  Covergirl 09:12 17 May 2008


I've just got a laptop (Samsung R60) and I'm sat downstairs connected to the internet through the Thomson ST585 Router which is wired to an Acer T180 upstairs.

I would now like to connect to the PC upstairs through the wireless modem and access the files on there.

Both PC's running Vista Home Premium.

I'm not sure how to, but I would expect the best way would be like at work through the "Map Network Drive" function.

When I click Map Network Drive, it selects a drive letter (Z for example) and clicking Browse shows me this laptop and the Home-PC upstairs. When I select Home-PC I'm asked for a User Name and Password in separate boxes (with a Remember My Password tick box).

I'm now stuck because I'm not sure what User Name or Password to use. There are no accounts set up - it just boots straight into Vista. There is the standard Vista firewall and AVG but nothing else.

How do I find my username and password please ? Anybody any ideas . . . ?

Any suggestions gratefully received.

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