To Many PCA emails

  Tonsie 11:12 16 Jun 2011

At the moment I am receiving PCA emails I did not request.In MY Profiles the day box is unticked,and the twice weekly ticked.I am still receiving two each day.So friends how do I stop all these emails? Regards Tonsie.

  birdface 11:18 16 Jun 2011

I think you only get them when you open your own thread and not when you contribute to someone else's.

They used to be a bit of a nuisance but I am not getting as many now.

Saying that we should not be getting any at all and maybe they will fix that when the fix the rest of the problems on the new site.

  birdface 11:26 16 Jun 2011

I have got them blocked by sending them to the blocked senders list but still have to remove them.

On the e-mails sent you have the option of not getting any more e-mails from that post,but if you open another post and get further e-mails you have to do the same again.

I suppose the sooner it is fixed the better.Or maybe it has been fixed and they have not told us how to do it.

  Tonsie 12:03 16 Jun 2011

Thanks buteman for your input,most of the emails are of each days news on PCA sites.I can read this info when I look up this site,I don't a reminder in an email.Thank you again buteman. Regards Tonsie.

  birdface 12:52 16 Jun 2011

Maybe untick PC Advisor daily and PC Advisor newsletters and allow users to subscribe to my post in my profile and see if that makes any difference.

  birdface 12:53 16 Jun 2011

I should have said,And untick allow users to subscribe to my posts.

  birdface 13:00 16 Jun 2011

Just read your post again.

[At the moment I am receiving PCA emails I did not request.In MY Profiles the day box is unticked]

Not sure how you would fix that one.have you tried pressing update my account while it is unticked to see if that helps.

  wee eddie 13:21 16 Jun 2011

Check which Threads that the e-Mails are coming from and Untick "Follow".

  Tonsie 14:54 16 Jun 2011

Hi again buteman,I've tried several times in update my account,but still I receive them every day.I will untick the twice weekly next and see what happens.wee eddie the emails are from Matt Egan,sometimes two each day. Regards Tonsie.

  lotvic 15:07 16 Jun 2011

All you have to do is

click on the UNsubscribe link in the Email notification

  Tonsie 15:19 16 Jun 2011

lotvik I have done that,and it opens My Profiles.The daily box is unticked,and now I've unticked the twice weekly one,So I will wait and see the results.Regards Tonsie.

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