Manriva will not load

  Ozy 22:24 26 Oct 2008

I downloaded Manriva to a temp file, after it had loaded, a bubble off the notification area said,
There are files waiting to be burned.
I clicked the bubble, the DVD Drive came on and loaded a zip file.
Click on the zip file, 3 folders are shown and an Autorun.inf file.
I cannot get Mandriva to run by clicking anything in any folder,
There is no EXE file
i run Vista Prem and i intanded to dual boot

  skidzy 22:27 26 Oct 2008

Did you burn as iso image ?

I would recommend playing with a live cd first.

  Ozy 22:58 26 Oct 2008

it is a live Linus that you can install of the desktop as well.
how do i install as an iso
i have nero 6 and 7 not yet installed as i do not know if Vista will accept them

  skidzy 23:09 26 Oct 2008

I wont kid you,i know nothing of Mandriva but i do know practising with Linux from a live cd is best for starters.

Use Imgburn to burn the iso download (mandriva) click here

Set your bios to boot from cd/dvd as first boot device.

Reboot the computer with the live cd in the drawer and you should be welcomed by Mandriva.If im correct,you will have the option to install to the hdd......though backup your current installation of windows first with something like Acronis True Image.

There are a couple of Linux experts around here at PCA,to mention two-look out for Lastchip and Octal.

  LastChip 23:35 26 Oct 2008

I suspect you downloaded a Mandriva iso file (as skidzy said).

iso files have to be burnt to a CD or DVD (depending on their size) in a specific way. skidzy's link to Imgburn will give you the appropriate software to do this. Note: the one mistake that many make is to try and run this file. It CAN'T be done! The iso file (when burnt) will end up as a CD/DVD that will run from your CD/DVD drive, providing you set your BIOS to use CD/DVD as your FIRST boot device.

When you run the CD/DVD directly from your drive, it does not install anything on your computer. It therefore allows you to try Mandriva out, without any risk to your machine and to evaluate whether you like it. Having said that; be patient! Things are NOT identical to Windows and you must accept that. Personally, I rarely use Windows any more and it seems really strange to me, to have to use a Windows machine.

click here for a piece I wrote a while back that refers to PCLinuxOS, but is equally valid for Mandriva. It will give you some background and hopefully point you in the right direction.

If you've any more questions, please ask.

  Ozy 15:31 27 Oct 2008

i downloaded imgburn, ran it, itold it where to find the zip file ,clicked burn an iso,it burned
files to a CD. when it had finished i restarted
the computer,
Mandriva started to load, checking things,
it got as far as, checking usb devices, then!
opening/ proc/splash Failed.
Fatal error ok
thats as far as it goes, i tried to install it
again it got as far as checking usb devices
failed ok

  skidzy 16:12 27 Oct 2008

Im not sure if you would like to try another Linux distro,but i would say PCLinuxOS would be your best bet.
here is a thread i started some time ago now,lots of advice and tips click here

Regarding your burnt iso,i would burn another just in case you had a corrupt burn or even try another download from a different location ,maybe click here

Im just giving my limited advice on Linux,if you would prefer to wait for Lastchip,i would not blame you.But i would certainly recommend PCLinuxOS.

  LastChip 16:56 27 Oct 2008

about your reference to a zip file.

Please could you give us a link as to where and what you downloaded.

  Ozy 22:51 27 Oct 2008

your first click here for PCLinuxOS 2007 ,ithought was a little old to try ,your second click here is the site i downloaded
Mandriva 2009, i downloaded to an empty partition on Vista, when it had finished ihad a WinRar zip
on that partition,

my friend and i have argued about Linux. he says Lie nux, i say Lin ux,
what do you call it

  skidzy 23:05 27 Oct 2008

So have you actually installed Mandriva yet ?

I dont understand (maybe a bit naive) how you could have without the iso.

If you run from an iso,this would give the option to install and would create the partition for you.
You could then change the allocation if so wished.

Like ive said earlier,im no expert and maybe you would be better waiting for Lastchip and co,but i will try to help a wee bit if i can.

For what its worth...just so you can carry on arguing Lol :-)) i say LIN UX but believe its LI NUX lol.

  LastChip 23:08 27 Oct 2008

click here for a list of iso files from the University of Kent.

I would suggest you use this one:


Note, it is an iso file and should be burned as is to a CD.

Is that the iso you already have?

As an aside, somewhere on the web is a sound file with Linus Torvalds (the originator of Linux) pronouncing it as Lin ux.

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