Mandriva Linux 10.2 won't shutdown

  Magic Hobo 14:36 03 Aug 2005

I have Mandriva Linux 10.2 LE2005 installed on a dual boot system with Windows XP. When i start it it's fine but when i try and shut down my computer from within Linux there is no shutdown option so i have to manually turn off my computer

  octal 15:04 03 Aug 2005

Can't log out? That's odd, because I think that's based on the KDE desktop the same as mine. In you case you've got to click on the far left icon with the 'K' in it, its the same one as you click on to open the program list, then the first option is 'Logout <your name>' click on it and the options screen should open giving you the option of shutting down.

If its not there you may have accidentally removed the icon, try right clicking on the bottom toolbar and have a look in 'Add' and see if you can add it back.

  scotty 15:59 03 Aug 2005

I had a similar problem. I could log off but there was no shut down option - is that the same as your problem?

The pc I am on does not have linux and I cannot immediately recall how I reinstated the option. It was just a matter of selecting an option somewhere to offer this facility. I assume that the reasoning is that linux machines may have several users logged on and you do not necessarily want to give an individual the right to power down.

  Magic Hobo 16:12 03 Aug 2005

but its just there is no option to shutdown. I don't think that the option ius there in the 'add' menu but i'll go and look. Thanks for the advice

  keith-236785 16:27 03 Aug 2005

if you click MENU then LOG OFF, you should see the pic of a dragon and three options, + cancel

1. End current session

2. Turn Off Computer

3. Restart Computer

and Cancel

i have the same linux and it is there for me.

  scotty 16:35 03 Aug 2005

Does this link help? click here

  alan227 16:39 03 Aug 2005

Try this, open a virtual console log in as root and type
#shutdown -h now

  Magic Hobo 16:59 03 Aug 2005

There is no picture of a dragon as in mandrake 10.1. All there is is a box on the screen with two (2) options : 'cancel' and 'logout'.There is no shutdown option

  Magic Hobo 17:01 03 Aug 2005

HOld on i'll be back in a minute. I'm going to try your idea

  Magic Hobo 17:24 03 Aug 2005

alan227. It worked perfectly. By chance do you know how to create the linux version of a windows batch file? What i mean is there anyway that i could create a file that when i clicked on it would shutdown the computer?

  alan227 17:48 03 Aug 2005

If you have used DOS, this should help you.
click here

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