Mandrake install?

  geoff47 21:29 01 Feb 2003

I have the relevant discs and am ready to install.
To be honest tried to install last week and it all went wrong somewhere along the line and.......... dont ask any more.
I believe from what I have read that I just install straight from the disc after boot up and it does it all(idiot proof in fact)
Is there anything else that I need to know before I start?Any tips,pitfalls,advice?
Have win98se and plenty of space for the installation.Any help for an "no nothing" oldy?

  flecc 22:58 01 Feb 2003

I don't know Mandrake but understand it's as easy to install as Lindows (also Linux).

If that's true there's nothing to fear, the Lindows installation was an object lesson in how to do it which I wish Microsoft would imitate.

  muppetmark 23:09 01 Feb 2003

Documentation including installation routine click here in pdf format

  muppetmark 23:11 01 Feb 2003

I found that site after installing M9 and it was easy letting mandrake install itself, do you have a partition already set up for Mandrake ?

  geoff47 00:19 02 Feb 2003

Thats what I needed to know, doesnt mandrake set up its own partitions?
Thought all I needed to know that I had enough space on the drive...

  woodchip 00:39 02 Feb 2003

It's as easy as falling of a log, as you say just leave some free space on your drive set you CMOS to boot with CDrom and put the first disc in and boot, when it starts I would recommend that you load lilo to a Floppy disk so it does not need dual boot. If you want to run Linux just start with the floppy disc, after you change the CMOS back to boot with floppy disc as first boot device

  geoff47 01:01 02 Feb 2003

Sorry Woodchip you are talking to me now......
CMOS? load lilo?
I am a lot better now than when you last helped me with one of my questions....but most is self taught...Do I need to alter anything before installing? What if anything do I need to be aware of before re installing.
You see..... twin boot doesnt mean much to me,should I use Acronis before I begin?
Come on you guys be gentle with me.
Have been searching for answers but a lot go over my head,I have been acquiring information over a period and now have the discs...but the partitioning part is a little too much to grasp.
Thats what Mandrake had sorted out,or so I thought....Thanks a lot for any help..

  woodchip 01:17 02 Feb 2003

If you want to twin boot you are better Installing Acronis from the disc and let that manage it for you, but if you could get the boot loader that's lilo or grub on to a floppy disc it would be better lilo and grub are the boot info to start Linux loading. You need to go into the cmos setup when starting your computer it will say on screen what to press Prob Delete or F1 key and change the first boot device to CDrom so you can start Mandrake with the First CD when you have loaded Mandrake I would recommend you to change it back to Floppy as the first Boot device

  Stuy 02:26 02 Feb 2003

After booting from the cd choose expert install for more options. You will have a choice of where the *nix partition is created. Make sure you create a "swap" partition first which is equal to or more than your ram, then create the partition for the OS. A full *nix installation takes about 2gb so have that much free.

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