Managing Microsoft software licencing

  xania 08:45 09 Jul 2012

Having just taken over management if IT for my employer, I want to ensure that all my MS licences are OK. Unfortunately, my predecessor was an external company who merely provided the PCs with software preinstalled – i.e. no install disks and no licensing data.

I am now working through all the PC’s noting all software installed and all Product Keys, but my problem is trying to obtain those product keys from the software itself. It simply does not make sense. For example, right clicking “My Computer” and then going to “Properties” does not give me the product key – merely a product ID. Similarly, with MS Office.

So if the hard disk fails and I need to reinstall, I’ve got no product key to validate the new installation.

Why does Microsoft have to have so many different sets of numbers:

  1. Product Key
  2. Generated validation number to give MS if it does not work automatically
  3. Generated validation number created by MS for you to type in
  4. Product ID

and more importantly, how do you get back to 1. If all you have is 4.

  Pine Man 10:54 09 Jul 2012

Belarc Advisor will also do it but, as buteman says, it will have to be installed on all of your computers.

  xania 11:34 09 Jul 2012

Thanks guys - I was afraid that would be the answer - I was hoping for something else. I keep this thread open a bit longer just in case there's something out there we've missed.

I've also found, but - same problem.

Ah well - there's only 12 PC's

  xania 11:48 09 Jul 2012

try again - the was a missing "_" before "cd"

  xania 11:50 09 Jul 2012

still not working - let's see if I can do it another way. Type in #




without the double brackets

  xania 11:54 09 Jul 2012

stubborn is not the word.
Type in





  lotvic 12:13 09 Jul 2012

I'd be inclined to get SIW Portable so no need to install.

  northumbria61 12:25 09 Jul 2012

Is this what you are looking for? enter link description here

  lotvic 12:26 09 Jul 2012

If it was me I'd be doing a full Audit of all pcs and ensuring I'd got backup images so I could always restore each back to when I took responsibility for them.

Licences: ClickHere For five or more PCs Microsoft Volume Licensing customers have access to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Center (VLSC), where they can download licensed products, access product keys, and manage all licensing agreements online.

  xania 13:07 09 Jul 2012

One of the majr problems is that I suspect that many pf the PC's wll have to be replaced in the near future, so image copies will not always do. However, I will be taking these as well. I think I'm going with SIW portable - I may even try to get this on a bootable CD so I can bypass any PC passwords.

Thanks all for your help - I will now mark this as resolved.

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