Mamutu free for the next 14 hours.

  birdface 07:19 24 Feb 2012

Emisoft mamutu free for the next 14 hours if anyone is interested.

Ideal for those of you that only have anti-virus programs.

Just install and forget it will do the rest.

Stops any bad sites from downloading on to your computer and closes bad sites as you browse.

All you have to do is sign in and get it free.

  birdface 07:38 24 Feb 2012

Or any Webroot fans.£3.95

  KRONOS the First 08:05 24 Feb 2012

Think I might try this, though I must say I cannot remember the last time I had any malware and I rarely scan and only have a couple of anti programs installed.

  birdface 08:57 24 Feb 2012

It is just a case of installing it and it will update itself.Every time you browse the web it will stop any bad programs from downloading.Or if you try and open a suspect page it will also stop it.

I have it on this computer it is just a watered down version of Emisoft Antimalware.

I would recommend anyone who does not use an anti malware program to use it.

If you decide to use it untick beta updates and also Languages.Also do the same with update messages and News boxes that saves you from getting pop up's for those programs.

  Input Overload 09:51 24 Feb 2012

Looks like the serial code is not available in Royaume-Uni - Oh well

  birdface 12:42 24 Feb 2012

Not sure what you mean.It gives you the serial code then sends it to you just to make sure that you got it the first time.

Had to look up Royaume-Uni to see what that was.

  robin_x 13:29 24 Feb 2012

Code works fine. Input as Coupon Code during install.

I've installed on two computers.

I've used Emsisoft Ant-Malware before (scanner only after 30 day trial) and it picks up stuff that doesn't show on Malwarebytes or my Avira.

Whether it is being over zealous, I don't know but I find it reassuring. I was using it as a backup scanner anyway. ie not often, only when worried.

I very rarely get malware, but I did receive some dodgy emails from myself to my other accounts a few weeks ago. A single friend from my Thunderbird address book also emailed me with the news she had received one from me.

Strangely, no-one else did. No idea why malware should not target everyone in a compromised address book.

Anyway, ran several scans and changed account password and there has been no further recurrence.

  birdface 14:05 24 Feb 2012


[Whether it is being over zealous,] I have to agree with you there.Even the full version of Emisoft Anti-Malware was the same.And on the odd occasion it would block a good site but it was just a matter of going into it and allowing it again.

I used to use Incredimail and Emisoft Anti-Malware always classed it as Spyware.So if anyone is using incredimail I would probably give this a miss.

Mamutu is good and a must if you only have anti virus installed.Runs in the background and with no scans to run.

Can't argue with the Price.Free.

  Aitchbee 17:52 24 Feb 2012

I've just got the 30 day trial version installed. How do I activate it?

It was not working this morning (expired), but seems to be back in business for downloads!

  Aitchbee 18:16 24 Feb 2012

...after some 'jiggery-pokery' ... got it working ok!

Many thanks, buteman.

  birdface 18:45 24 Feb 2012

I think you had to open Voucher code and put the keycode in that way.Just in case anyone else has difficulty.

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