Malware/spyware etc - a general query

  cocteau48 15:54 24 Apr 2007

Having read much on this forum on peoples woes with spyware and malware and the ongoing saga with MBS I have a general query which I hope does not appear too daft!
If you are visited by one of these horrors (I do not know if I have just been lucky so far but the only two instances of spyware which I have had in the last year both turned out to be false positives) would restoring to a previously saved complete image using,in my case Acronis, get rid of the nasties.
Obviously you would have to know that the date of your image was prior to that of your date of infection.
Forewarned is forearmed as they say!

  Graham. 16:05 24 Apr 2007

Probably, but again probably too drastic.

  dth 16:05 24 Apr 2007

Yes - having a back-up image is always a good idea incase something major goes wrong. Although most spyware is easy enough to remove without having to go to the bother of a restore.

  cocteau48 16:19 24 Apr 2007

thank you Graham and
thank you dth

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