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malwarebytes ver 2 now out

  sunnystaines 17:32 24 Mar 2014

click here the new layout, much better


  Batch 20:43 06 Apr 2014

I've seen this thread and, in particular, I am aware that some are concerned about slow scanning following their MalwareBytes upgrades.

What follows maybe a bit of a longshot, but here goes.....

Well, I'm still using the old version and I've also found the scanning slow just very recently. But I've discovered that it is down to something that I have done (and maybe the latest MalwareBytes uses as well).

I run Windows 7 and got fed up with the User Access Contraol permission dialogues that I got when running a number of applications. So just recently I followed the instructions here: Seven Forums link

It's only this evening whilst running a MalwareBytes scan that seemed to be taking ages that the penny dropped.

I was already aware that in the normal course of creating Scheduled Tasks they cannot be set above a certain priority (and I'd fixed another home brew application some time ago that had suffered in this way). So I tried the same with MalwareBytes and hey presto - much faster (down from just over 1 hour to 18 minutes).

Now, what I don't know as I don't have the latest MalwareBytes (and so this is a bit of a shot in the dark) is whether the latest MalwareBytes installer has used the above-mentioned Scheduled Tasks "trick" to circumvent the UAC prompt.

So if someone can have a look in their Scheduled Tasks and see if MalwareBytes is (now) in there (and also a giveaway is that in running MalwareBytes it no longer invokes the UAC dialogue).

If this is the case, then the way to up the priority is to Export the task (as an XML file) and edit the priority therein and then delete the existing Scheduled Task and Import the edited XML file. I upped the priority in mine from 7 to 6 (which should be sufficient - you don't want to make it too high as it may interfere with critical Windows processes).

Also a quick further point on priorities. Originally I had assumed that if nothing else (much) was running, then even a very low priority task would get all the CPU etc. that it wants. It seems that with Windows this is not so. So to get things running at a reasonable speed (if using SCheduled Tasks) the priority must be set to at least 6.

  bumpkin 21:32 06 Apr 2014

Tried the link and it is asking me to download Reimage/Repair. Is this correct.

  thumbscrew 23:48 06 Apr 2014

Thanks sunnystaines, can't see any option for a "Quick Scan" as per the old version though, have I missed it?

  thumbscrew 00:21 07 Apr 2014

Sunnystaines, ignore my post I've just found the option. Much faster than the old version...big improvement.

  Batch 08:05 07 Apr 2014

Link to Seven Forums item as link in my earlier post did not take:

Seven Forums Link

And in raw form just to be on the safe side:

click here

  alanrwood 10:28 07 Apr 2014

Just installed the Pro version over the weekend. It created an icon on the desktop as usual. I always hgave a clear desktop so wanted to delete it but it asked for Admin permission. IU am the only user and Admin to boot Anyway tried several things including booting into DOS and it still would not delete. It also would not allow me to change permissions or to take ownership of the link file. Tried booting from a Linux CD but wouldn't do that as it seems there was not a suitable DVI graphics driver on the CD (An old Slax Distro.) Reduced to asking MWB support.

Answer was simple. Go into Advanced Settings and untick Start with Windows and Enable self protection module. Reboot. Delete the icon and reset the Advanced Settings. Never heard of protecting an icon before

Incidentally I had no problem deleting it on a second machine without the above palava.

Just posted this in case anyone else gets the problem.

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