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Malwarebytes shutting down Google Chrome

  stlucia2 20:02 29 Apr 2019

I have Malwarebytes on my Windows 10 PC, and quite often I hear the HDD rattling away in the background while I'm doing other things. Eventually I get a popup telling me that Malwarebytes hasn't found any issues.

But if I'm browsing using Chrome at that point, Chrome without warning shuts down just before the Malwarebytes all-clear message comes up. When I start Chrome again it gives me the option to return to where I was, which it does successfully.

Also, from time to time when I start my PC I get a popup telling me that Windows Defender isn't activated, even though I activated it last time I got the popup.

Any idea what's going on please, and are these two issues related? I have no scans scheduled in Malwarbytes, preferring to only start it manually from time to time, or when I think I've got a problem.

  Govan1x 14:35 20 May 2019

Just for those that have problems with the premium version.

Malwarebytes has a support tool and if you have the Premium version it will delete the corrupt version and reinstall the premium version providing you have not used revo uninstaller or other tools like that to remove it.

I have the premium version and it runs scans which I have not scheduled.

I suppose the free version is better than no version.

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