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Malwarebytes shutting down Google Chrome

  stlucia2 20:02 29 Apr 2019

I have Malwarebytes on my Windows 10 PC, and quite often I hear the HDD rattling away in the background while I'm doing other things. Eventually I get a popup telling me that Malwarebytes hasn't found any issues.

But if I'm browsing using Chrome at that point, Chrome without warning shuts down just before the Malwarebytes all-clear message comes up. When I start Chrome again it gives me the option to return to where I was, which it does successfully.

Also, from time to time when I start my PC I get a popup telling me that Windows Defender isn't activated, even though I activated it last time I got the popup.

Any idea what's going on please, and are these two issues related? I have no scans scheduled in Malwarbytes, preferring to only start it manually from time to time, or when I think I've got a problem.

  martd7 21:42 29 Apr 2019

Have a look in the Malwarebytes scheduler to ensure there is no planned schedule

Secondly follow the advice here to ensure Malwarebytes and Windows 10 security run without conflict

click here

  stlucia2 10:54 30 Apr 2019

Thanks martd7.

In my Malwarebytes 'Scan Schedule' tab there's a single line entry for 'Normal . . . Repeats once every day', but its check-box is not ticked so, I presume, it shouldn't be doing an automatic daily (or any other) scan.

As for the recommendation in your link, a note says the option to 'Never register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Centre' is only available in the Premium version of Malwarebytes, not the free one that I have.

Looks like the simplest option may be to uninstall Malwarebytes, and install it from scratch if I ever feel the need to run a scan.

  x13 11:13 30 Apr 2019

This post shows that using their removal tool and reinstall fixes it. click here. As for the scan schedule you need to tick the box for the scan then click on the delete tab bottom right.

  stlucia2 11:39 30 Apr 2019

Thanks x13, I'll try the remove and reinstall route.

Thanks also for the tip about removing the daily scan.

  martd7 14:30 30 Apr 2019

You must be running Malwarebytes premium in trial mode because when it reverts to Free version it doesn't scan until you ask it to

  stlucia2 19:35 30 Apr 2019

My Malwarebytes wasn't in Premium trial mode, though it is now since I followed x13's link to reinstall it. Previously several of its options, including the one about never register Malwarebytes in Windows action center, were greyed out, with a message that they're available in the premium version only. So why was it scanning regularly?

  martd7 20:14 30 Apr 2019

I have the premium version and that's what you pay for is real time scanning to prevent malware,the free version is on demand scanning to remove malware,when you download Malwarebytes it acts as the Premium version but after a trial period it reverts to the free version

I can't provide any other answer as said previously the free version doesn't run on its own

  x13 23:21 30 Apr 2019

martd7 you are correct but MBAM sometimes corrupts itself and does 'funny things'. I'm sure you've had to do a clean install before. I'm running the latest Insider Edge (Development) browser. Chromium based Edge. I've enabled the Malwarebytes extention on it and deactivated Malwarebytes itself. So will see how it goes. These are the settings;

but it is Beta.

  martd7 01:17 01 May 2019

I agree in a way just like Defender gets way too keen on some legit files that have been on the pc 4week and suddenly decided to quarantine them,don't know if that's down to file corruption or what

  stlucia2 13:16 20 May 2019

A couple of days ago I got the notice that my Malwarebytes trial period had expired, but it still continued to do regular scans of its own accord (I could hear a lot of HDD activity), and when I then got the notice that scan was complete and nothing bad found, Google would shut down immediately irrespective of what I was doing/viewing.

So I've now uninstalled Malwarebytes.

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