Malwarebytes shows con in Taskbar and System Tray

  alanrwood 16:28 08 Jul 2015

Can members advise if when running MWB latest version they get a MWB icon in the Taskbar AND the System Tray on bootup. It did not do this in previous versions and the taskbar icon is totally superfluous as there is nothing in its menu that is not already in the System Tray menu. I always ran MWB as a background process so it never appearerd in the Taskbar but can't get rid of it automatically on boot as there seems to be no way to do it. MWB support don't appear to have any ideas either as I have been consulting them for 4 days now.

  Govan1x 09:31 09 Jul 2015

Basically I think it is a bit of disk hog.when it runs or updates it always shows the hard drive running at 100% in Task manager,

I disabled it in services and start up and just run it manually when I want and not when it wants.

Click on the little triangle on the Taskbar and click on customise.Make sure hide icon and notifications is showing on the dropdown box. That should stop it showing on the Taskbar.

Click on show hidden icons and if MWB shows right click it and remove it. Just did it with mine. Unfortunately I have to do that after every time that i run it which is not that often. I also have MWB not to run at start up.

I have another Anti-Malware program on my computer which is better than MWB so only use MWB if If I think it is needed.

  alanrwood 10:48 09 Jul 2015

Hi Thanks but I do like MWB and in my book there is not a better similar program around so I don't think I will do as you suggest. The "Real Time Protection" has saved me on a few occasions. I also don't experience the 100% problem you mention although I would not consider this a problem as it only updates for a few seconds and I don't have it to scan automatically on a schedule.

I am really interested in anyone who can answer the question I asked about the Taskbar icon.

  alanrwood 15:07 09 Jul 2015

Should have said I am running Win 7 fully updated. I installed MWB in a Win 8.1 virtual box and the problem does not exist there.

  alanrwood 19:01 09 Jul 2015

OK found the reason it is happening. If you use the scheduler to schedule a boot up update check this happens every time. If you don't then the problem is not there and MWB acts as all other security software does. It seems that scheduling a boot update opens the program but never shuts it down again after the update so the program is active icon in the Taskbar stays there.

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