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Malwarebytes scans

  highside 16:41 28 Apr 2014

Whats the point? I run Malwarebytes scans (qiuck and full scans) and it finds PUP.Option malware and I elect to remove it but if I run another scan an hour later its back again? (I also have Norton) Win8.1 64bit

  Zak 16:45 28 Apr 2014

Are you able to provide file name and extension of the PUP. Also is it the same one reoccurring in the same location?

  Zak 16:48 28 Apr 2014

Add Have you looked at this thread in this forum?

  thumbscrew 23:17 01 May 2014

ADWCleaner worked for me with the same problem highside.

  highside 20:03 03 May 2014

Thanks for replies still ongoing Zak Have downloaded ADWCleaner but not sure what to untick, if I create a restore point I guess it would be safe to let the program delete all it found? Can it be used in the way I have used CCleaner for years where I trust it and have never had a problem?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:26 03 May 2014


just let it delete every thing it finds to be safe.

  highside 08:59 04 May 2014

I did that no problem it removed many files & folders it found. Unfortunately Malwarebytes still shows PUP.options.

I see that AdwCleaners Tools menu offers an anti PUP download but it looks a bit complex to me.

  highside 14:47 04 May 2014

PS having used AdwCleaner as per previous post Google Chrome no longer works. It will only open once unless PC is restarted when it will open one more time again etc,etc. If I click the icon to reopen chrome once it has been used and closed nothing happens. I reinstalled Chrome same result.

  highside 07:46 05 May 2014

Thanks but I had already removed the two malware programs as part of the attempt to normalize things. Fixed Chrome by resetting my Chrome profile using a procedure I found on the web and it worked perfectly. Path in basic terms,

C: Users- Name- AppData- Local- Google Chrome- User Data-Default

The 'Default' entry was changed to 'Back up Default' and Chrome works correctly again. (ignore qoutation marks) Now back to PUP.Options ongoing.

  highside 08:20 05 May 2014

Thanks but I already removed the malware programs trying to fix Chrome, having done that I will go back to PUP.Options.

I fixed Chrome using this procedure found on the web and it worked perfectly, Path recorded here in basic form in case it helps anyone else. (ignore qoutation marks)

C Users-name-AppData-Local-Google Chrome-User Data-Default

'Default' was renamed to 'Backup Default'

Chrome works correctly again (I had firstly tried uninstall and reinstall but that did not help at all)

  highside 08:16 13 May 2014

Original poster - Fixed Chrome by changing my Chrome profile.

Original problem remains spent a long time on it, advice appreciated.

1) I never download unless Norton says the file is safe.

2) Adware Removal Tool finds PC clean of PUPs

3) Malwarebytes continues to find PUPs which are removed but it finds them or even more the next time I use it. Today it finds 8 PUP.Optional.Linkey.A for example. (straight after Adware Removal Tool reported nothing.)

Is there a (possibly paid) program that removes malware completely?

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