Malwarebytes just rebooted my computer.

  VCR97 19:21 03 Jan 2018

A few minutes ago I was reading a post in this forum when MWB popped up a message saying something about quarantine and saying that I should reboot the computer. It then proceeded to reboot the computer without permission. After reboot MWB pooped up saying that the scan and quarantine was complete. As this is the free version of MWB, why was it doing a scan? It hasn't done so previously. When I checked the quarantine list I found that the "offender" was WINASO, again. WINASO is not a PUP despite what MWB thinks. I'm getting rather fed-up with MWB. If I had been doing something other than looking at a forum I could have lost important info due to that reboot. Anyone else had this experience?

  martd7 19:33 03 Jan 2018

Any files you don't want scanning move to the exclusions folder then Malwarebytes will not look at the file

  Govan1x 19:38 03 Jan 2018

If you use Winaso registry optimizer it may have been compromised. I have the full version of Malwarebytes and it found more than 1,500 Pups from Winaso on my computer but that was mid summer.

Your best bet would maybe be to download Hitman Pro and run that to see if it finds any problems or maybe adw cleaner.

I used Revo uninstaller to remove Winaso on setting 4.

Not had any problems since.

Which one was at fault I am not sure as the problem has not come back. But then again I do not have Winaso installed anymore.

  Govan1x 19:49 03 Jan 2018

Have a look at those two.

click here

Click Here

  KEITH 1955 21:17 03 Jan 2018

what vcr97 described also happened to me today , it is the first time it happened to me and I have used the program for years. It said a different item was a threat but I think it is what you call a false positive because I have not installed anything new for ages... NOTE... strange it happened today because I was given the latest version of the program today. It is now version 3.3.1... Since answering this post though my pc has not been on long , I will let you know if mine does a scan without asking me...... check to see if you have a tick in the scan schedule box.

  martd7 21:45 03 Jan 2018

I have Malware bytes premium and every now and again it was scanning on boot even though the scheduler was inactive,I decided after advice on this forum to uninstall and reinstall and it seemed to work but it's started scanning again every few days on boot up

  Govan1x 23:26 03 Jan 2018

Hmm thought that I had posted this today but obviously not.

click here

  Govan1x 23:41 03 Jan 2018

Excuse last post as it was meant for another forum post. Sorry.

  badejake 05:54 04 Jan 2018

Thanks for posting this. Now I at least know it has happened to other people besides just me. It's annoying how that problem hasn't been officially addressed. I'm starting to think that Malwarebytes is a malware itself.

  KEITH 1955 17:45 04 Jan 2018

you joke about malwarebytes being malware and your NEARLY right. There is a fake program that will destroy your pc called malawarebytes , spot the extra a after the letter l , that is a classic case of why you should get software from the own vendors sites instead of 3rd party websites.

  VCR97 19:11 04 Jan 2018

Thanks for the replies. Glad it's not just me having problems. The second "Click here" from Govan1x is interesting. On my other computer, which has the premium version of MWB, I've had the same problem with WINASO. I put WINASO in Exclusions but MWB ignored the exclusion and quarantined WINASO. This happened several times. I told MWB to restore WINASO but this sometimes didn't work and I had to re-install WINASO.

In view of the undemanded scan by the free version of MWB and the unauthorised re-booting of the computer I'm inclined to de-activate MWB for the time being.

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