Malwarebytes finds C:\install.exe trojan

  birdface 12:39 23 Aug 2009

C:\install.exe. It looks as though it may well be a legit program and I have already deleted it.Would it be safe to restore it again.I have noticed that other security programs have produced the same result and most think that it is a false positive.
Should I leave it quarantined or restore it.

  sunnystaines 14:39 23 Aug 2009

if all is running ok leave it in quarantined. always put it back later if needed

  Sea Urchin 15:56 23 Aug 2009

You've proably looked at this - but if not

click here

  crosstrainer 16:31 23 Aug 2009

Not legit, Remove.

The clue is is in the name, "tricking MB AN ASQ"

If you have it.

If unsure of my comments and you do not have Asquared..

Dowload and install from:

click here

Update run and clean.

  birdface 16:44 23 Aug 2009

Hi Sea urchin that was one of the ones that I had a look at.


Just what I was thinking.But maybe that is what is stopping me from being unable to open System Restore.
Think I will leave it where it is just now and see if there is any developments.

  crosstrainer 16:46 23 Aug 2009

Run the ASPW in safe mode.

Don't leave yourself open to infection. You will not lose any data (unless the infection is as bad a s I suspect it is)

And you can always blame me if I'm wrong..

  birdface 16:48 23 Aug 2009

Hi.Sorry just about to go.Thanks for the info.yes I do have a Squared downloaded.Just been shouted for dinner so will have a look at your click here when I get back.Thanks.

  birdface 18:24 23 Aug 2009

Had that trojan problem with Malwarebytes was the only one that found anything.I ran Malwarebytes and a Squared in safe mode yesterday but never found anything else and run them again today with nothing found.I only gave it a small scan with a Squared today but will go back in a bit later and run the full scan.I have also scanned with AVG Pro and nothing on there either.
But like I say I will keep it quarantined now so that should hold it.
Many thanks for your help.If any other problem appear I will post them on here.

  sunnystaines 18:57 23 Aug 2009

if MBAM has removed entries of this trojan from system restore it will now be corrupt and will not open.

  birdface 21:55 23 Aug 2009

What do you think.Restore it again and see if System restore works or not.Or just leave it as it is.Not a 100% sure it is a Trojan.If a false positive the next update of Malwarebytes should fix it.

  sunnystaines 23:38 23 Aug 2009

i would clear system restore, rescan to be safe. then reset system restore.

my experience if any files are removed by security programs from SR its then kaput and will no longer restore.

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