Malwarebytes error.

  MAJ 12:27 14 Feb 2010

Is anyone else having problems updating MBAM? I get the following error when trying to do so:

error code: 732 (12007,0)

I have tried searching with Google but I am having problems accessing the Malwarebytes forum. I have scanned with Superantispyware and AVG 9 and all seems to be clean.

  Eargasm 12:30 14 Feb 2010

No problem updating here, just gone from version 3726 to 3737.

  VoG II 12:32 14 Feb 2010


Just tested and no problem here.

  Sea Urchin 12:38 14 Feb 2010

All OK here

Look at Solution No 8 here

click here

or Section D here

click here&

  Eargasm 12:41 14 Feb 2010

Just found this on Malwarebytes forum...

The error message you recieved (732{12007}) is usually in response to "failure to connect to the internet" while updating -
Please read the item shown in the link below - Then follow its directions -
click here
Check your settings and check that you are fully on line during updates -

  MAJ 12:44 14 Feb 2010

it looks like I've been infected by XP Antivirus 2010. I was cleaning a mates laptop which was infected and it looks like it has jumped across to mine when using a pen drive.

Sea Urchin: I did see those entries in Google but as I say, I can't access the malwarebytes forum. I'll have to use my PC upstairs after lunch to access your links.

  Sea Urchin 12:46 14 Feb 2010
  Eargasm 12:54 14 Feb 2010

This may also help if you cannot update malwarebytes to remove XP Antivirus 2010
click here

  MAJ 18:30 14 Feb 2010

I'm not having a lot of luck here. The only site I can't connect to, on either my laptop (Vista)or desktop (XP), is, neither can I connect to it using my mate's laptop that I cleaned last night. I have checked for any instance/file belonging to Antivirus 2010 and none are found by AVG, Superantispyware, Malwarebytes (database 3734). Nothing relevant in Hosts file, router settings still okay. I need to think harder.

  rdave13 18:53 14 Feb 2010

Sorry if it's the obvious but have you scanned in safemode? You might be able to update malwarebytes in safemode with internet connection.
Run SAS, AV and possibly Cureit in safemode, see what they clean and try malwarebytes again in ordinary mode.
Dr Web; click here
Again apologies if already tried.

  MAJ 19:28 14 Feb 2010

Yes, I've done all the usual stuff, safemode, etc. Mbam wont update from safemode either, I can't get to at all, that's the confusing thing, all other sites are okay, AVG9 and SAS are working and updating as is Spywareblaster. Between my last post and now, I did notice that my Sophos Anti-virus (on my laptop) wouldn't let me run it. I fixed that (click here "Changed SID values and Sophos Anti-Virus")and it's now running a full scan. AVG9 is installed on mate's laptop, I don't have two antivirus products on any of the computers.

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