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Malwarebytes blocking regularly accessed site

  AroundAgain 15:55 07 Dec 2019

Hi guys

I'm hoping someone can help me as I don't know how to check this out.

A particular forum I often go to is continually being blocked by Malwarebyte for sometime. I appreciate MWB is very good and reliable but I'm wondering if, on this occasion, it could be a tad too sensitive

How do I go about checking out the site, please? I don't have a spare device to test it on and certainly don't want to be doing clean install etc if I 'catch' anything.

Any suggestions, please? The site is click here thanks


  x13 16:36 07 Dec 2019

I'm not sure what's going on with the site. I'm getting these warnings-


Might be a bad script running on it. Someone else with different security apps might also check in case mine are showing false positives.

  x13 16:50 07 Dec 2019

Anyway I carried on and get this lol -

and this -

Got there and still running ok though the site is unsecured and Kaspersky has blocked a few malicious links, so beware is all I can advise. By the way (hope you don't mind me suggesting ) just right click an image and select open in a new tab if you want to see the image clearer, though I'm sure you knew that anyway.

  wee eddie 16:56 07 Dec 2019

Kaspersky also says that this is a malicious link

  x13 17:15 07 Dec 2019

I don't know if this helps but found a contact email but for linxtablets . com. Scrolling down gives a UK email, Link , if you think reporting the issue of the site would help.

  Menzie 19:09 07 Dec 2019

The site can be blocked for any number of reasons. The site may be hacked and has suspicious scripts, the ad platform could be poisoned, or someone may have downloaded something which contained a nasty surprise. This can happen on certain forums that allow the uploading and downloading of files.

  x13 19:24 07 Dec 2019

Yes - it's all there Menzie .

  AroundAgain 20:08 07 Dec 2019

Many thanks x13m wee eddie and Menzie. I appreciate your help on this, especially as you potentially put your devices at risk.

Looks like the site is well-stuffed, eh?

It has been a poorly monitored forum site so easy to suspect it's been hacked or something nasty there. It's a shame as it has been useful for specific information.

Thanks x13 for the screenshots and the link re linx tablets co uk. I seem to remember that the forum was nothing to do with the product site but might be worth an email, nevertheless.

Thanks again to you all. As always, I very much appreciate your help :)

  AroundAgain 20:11 07 Dec 2019

PS x13, thanks for the suggestion re Right click / Open in new tab. It hadn't occured to me to do that re images although it's my normal habit when opening links ;)

Thanks (and no, I never mind suggestions re 'easier / convenient methods, or shortcuts' ;)

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