Malware warning doesn't disappear

  technique 20:44 31 Dec 2005

I've been infected with malware viruses - or so my PC seems to think. I've got the following message appearing in my SysTray where the icon usually associated with Windows updates is alternating from the usual Windows World icon to a red circle with white cross in it. The message reads..

Your computer is infected! Dangerous malware infection was detected on your PC. The system will now download and install most efficient antimalware program to prevent data loss and your private information theft. Click here to protect your computer from the biggest malware threats.

When I click on the message I'm taken to helpful websites where I can purchase the latest malware software. I already have SpyBot, Spy Trooper and Spyware Blaster. Spybot initially detected problems which I then deleted, however Spy Trooper constantly finds Trojans and other bots which although I clean and remove them they reappear the next time I run the checker (or similar spyware is found).

Does the message mean I should keep off the internet for now until completely resolved?

If Spy Trooper is working correctly then how can I prevent reoccurrences of the same problems and at the same time stop the message appearing in SysTray? Spy Trooper seems to think that the problem files are within my Registry but I don't know enough about that to know how to remove the spyware and bots from my system.

Any help would be very much appreaciated.

  handy4x 21:54 31 Dec 2005

spy trooper is malware !!click here encyclopedia/overview.aspx?IdVirus=89503&sind=0 - 37k se panda site

  Fingees 22:23 31 Dec 2005

Download adaware free version plus ccleaner.

also run good virus prog I use AVG.

Plus firewall I use Zone alarm Free version.

The first two will rid computer of rubbish

If you go to

click here

You can run a free chech of all your computer. a new service from Microsoft.

It does a marvelous job but it takes a while to complete.

  technique 22:44 31 Dec 2005

thanks for the update handy 4x. does that mean therefore that SpyTrooper and SpySheriff are both causing the adware/spyware/viruses to appear in their own software - to make me think that their software is doing a good job of clensing my PC so that I then spend money on their product fixing the problem that they created in the first place? Is their software no good and shouldn't be purchased or by purchasing would I then be allowing them to spy on my banking details?

Is it also SpyTrooper that is creating the false infection message I quoted earlier or it that a genuine message do you think? My official SpyBot software from my company has checked and found no errors but my SysTray insists I have an infection but when you click on the message you're taken to SpyTroopers' website. Is this why?

  VoG II 00:55 01 Jan 2006

In a nutshell yes.

I suggest that you visit the Malware Removal forum click here

You will need to post a HJT log click here

  technique 18:03 05 Jan 2006

thanx Vog. This has worked a treat and it's all resolved now.

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