Malware and Trojans.

  ribo 12:28 24 Jan 2005

I have downloaded and installed. Micosofts's Antispyware prog. (at present Bete version) Can someone kindly tell me if this program takes care of Trojans. Thanks J

  johnnyrocker 14:09 24 Jan 2005

i believe so but best bet check with microsoft security section on their site, or failing that get spy-bot from d/


  ribo 15:51 24 Jan 2005

Thank you johnny for your help. I was trying to kill two birds with one stone or one bird with two stones,something like that.
I have Spybot- didn't even know it took care of Trojans-
I have searched MSM security centre but cannot fins an anwer. Thanks. J

  ChrisRLG 16:03 24 Jan 2005

Trojan Hunter Tools

Trojan Hunter from click here(30 day free trial) or a2 (has a free version) from click here

(Both have a pay for version which are recommended.)


My website click here

Member of ASAP click here

  ribo 16:58 24 Jan 2005

Thank you very much ChrisRLG for your imput.
I have a²free version which I run regularly. I have Trojun Hunter,but my 30days are running out.
What I really wanted to know was-does this Micosoft Antispyware prog. cover Trojans.-
I am not sure if "Malware" covers these. Thanks.

  ChrisRLG 12:15 27 Jan 2005

I cannot yet recommend the M$ anti-malware. It is still beta and beta means 'does not yet work'.
Lots of my friends in the anti-malware industry are assisting M$ in getting it right. But its not there yet.

In general there is overlap between:-

Anti-Virus to Trojan Killers to Anti-Malware programs.

At present my recommendations are in the library of my own website/forum (its new) found at click here

The library is at click here

ChrisRLG proud member of ASAP click here

  ACOLYTE 12:28 27 Jan 2005

As said Ms spy ware is still beta witch is probably why i had errors with it and uninstalled it but when the tests are done and it is released i will try it again if its still free that is.

  big_paul 12:50 27 Jan 2005

I have been using AdAware & Spybott for nealry a year. MS's program found some that they had missed. But then I found alink to this website.

click here

I installed the prog & it found another 11 items the previous 3 had missed. Some in particular I have had problems with in the past, which I thought I had got rid of. The only snag is, it is a scan only program.
But there is some good news, when I un-installed it, I was directed to a questionaire as to Why!
I was then offered by e-mail a 1 day licence.
If you then click on the purchase button after installing the 1 day licence you are presented with a screen, offering the product with a $10 discount at $29.99 for 1 year updates or for $49.99 3 years updates. With the £ to $ rate being in our faour this represents good value. I will definately be purchasing this item.


  ribo 13:57 27 Jan 2005

Thank you very much for all your. You have given me much food for thought. Thanks. J

  Graham ® 14:15 27 Jan 2005

SpywareNuker is on the list! It will 'find' false positives to induce you to buy click here

big_paul hold on to your money!

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