Malware, with the title of "END"

  RISC OS user 21:48 12 Apr 2015

Spybot and adwcleaner both showed a Malware issue on my PC it was "C: END" nothing else, I allowed Spybot to fix the problem and all appears ok. I then thought what is this END Malware and googled it and got one result which took me to Malwarebytes and in the forum it appears that someone else has asked about it and has had what appears to me to be a very odd reply which states do not allow this to be removed! Can anyone out there through any light on the matter and advise any things I should do. My PC is running Windows 8.1 which is up to date with Zone Alarm running.

  robin_x 23:02 12 Apr 2015

Have you got the link to the thread you saw saying 'don't remove'?

I did do a bit of searching and found Case Sensitive Search site useful. A tool I was previously unaware of.


Others complain that C:\END is not always detected or removed, but they have eventually removed it by other scanners.

The file contains text "ConduitOk" 9 bytes, but someone else said the file is actually larger.

I wonder if it is hiding an Alternate Data Stream or something?

If it appears gone, hopefully it is.

Check over next few days that it doesn't reappear and that your browsers are not redirecting or behaving oddly

Also check you Browser extensions and add-ons for any you don't recognise.

  RISC OS user 10:37 13 Apr 2015

Thank you for your reply the URL is as follows click here I did not understand any of it!

Sorry not to have responded sooner but did not get an email re your post.

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