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Malware Removal site infected?

  hiwatt 15:27 26 Jun 2014

Hi folks, Malwarebytes is blocking the malware removal website for me.Is the malware removal website infected itself?

  alanrwood 15:32 26 Jun 2014

What website is that? Can't check it out if we don't know the url.

  hiwatt 15:34 26 Jun 2014

It's working fine now.Was showing as infected for a bit?click here

  hiwatt 15:51 26 Jun 2014

It's being flagged as malicious again?

  hiwatt 17:12 26 Jun 2014

I use that site from time to time.That's the main site for getting help with cleaning infected computers etc so just found it a bit strange that the site itself was infected.Possibly hijacked?

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