Malware problems

  Rebanut 11:28 01 Oct 2007

I know little about pc's but I am trying to help a friend, she has a problem with malware which wants a credit card number to get rid of it, I have read on here that maybe Spyware doctor will get rid of it so she is going to download it, another friend told her it wont run with alongside an antivirus or a firewall, this is wrong surely.
Any help please.


  rawprawn 11:34 01 Oct 2007

Spyware Doctor will run no problem. The thing you can't do is run 2 Antivirus programs together.

  Belatucadrus 11:34 01 Oct 2007

You're correct, Spyware Doctor will not be affected by either Anti Virus or Firewalls.
It is general practise not to duplicate firewalls and Anti Virus as two together can be a volatile and troublesome combination. But Spyware Doctor being Anti malware doesn't cause such problems with incumbent AV or firewall software and will do the job it's designed for.

  rawprawn 11:36 01 Oct 2007

Try this free click here

  birdface 12:20 01 Oct 2007

Hi tell her not to pay.sounds as if it is one of those pop-ups that want money to remove the problem that they started in the first place.If you can give us a few more details of why she thinks that she has got Malware problems.

  Rebanut 13:00 01 Oct 2007

A screen comes up saying enter your credit card details for help in getting rid of Malware and also it has put an icon of sorts in the right hand bottom of the screen, she says she has gone into control panel to try to remove it but it wont delete, thats all I know, she is going to download Ad Aware and try that, thanks again for your help.


  rambus 13:01 01 Oct 2007

spyware doctor stops your pc becoming infected with malaware. it dont remove whats already on there, better option would be avg anti spyware or laversoft adaware both free to use.

  mfletch 14:11 01 Oct 2007

Hi, use SAS Superantispyware check for any updates before you use it,

If that does not fix the problem use SmitfrauFix but read the instructions first,

SAS/ FREE/ click here

SmitfraudFix/ FREE/ click here


  birdface 14:58 01 Oct 2007

Hi.i would go with mfletch and run his 2 click here's.see if that cures it.

  birdface 18:22 01 Oct 2007

Just thinking it may be MBS again,That may be a bit harder to shift.

  mfletch 18:26 01 Oct 2007

Hi buteman,

If buteman is correct and it is MBS follow these instructions,

click here


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