Malware cookies will not delete.

  Meshuga 09:35 11 Oct 2005

Whenever I run A2 it always come up with the same two files which are C:\Documents and Settings\oem [email protected] Bravenet(1).txt and the same with Burstnet(2),txt. No matter how many times I delete them they come back. I have turned off system restore and scanned again and turned on system restore and another scan shows nothing. The next day they are back. No other scan program that I run comes up with anything, only A2. I have cookie wall installed and that is set to auto delete these two files but obviously it doesn`t. Any suggestions please to stop these appearing. Could they be false positives in A2? Many thanks.

  rawprawn 09:42 11 Oct 2005

click here Take the full anti virus scan.

  rawprawn 09:43 11 Oct 2005

Also try scanning in safe mode with A² (Tap f8 0n boot)

  Meshuga 10:39 11 Oct 2005

Ok rawprawn, thanks. Will try this later today.

  bremner 10:53 11 Oct 2005

Remove bravenet click here

  Meshuga 14:12 11 Oct 2005

Hi rawprawn, have carried out both of your suggestions which have shown no problems. Pitstop test shows well within their benchmark so will leave well alone at the moment. Thanks for your help. Regards.
Thank you too bremner, will try your method if problem recurrs. Regards.

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