Malware bytes premium,memory leak issue

  martd7 18:39 27 Jan 2018

About 2h ago I switched on pc and Malware bytes web protection wouldn't start and the pc was unusable,checked CPU usage malware bytes was using 98% so I rebooted and reinstalled,same issue

Just looked on MWB forum and it's an issue they're working on

click here

  john bunyan 19:11 27 Jan 2018

Had similar issue. Tried an answer I found on Google: (For MBAM Premium, that I have) : Turn off / quit MBAM . Restart. Then all seems ok

  john bunyan 19:16 27 Jan 2018

PS thanks for link. My PC, a powerful one, had a sort of BSOD with a message :

the process has terminated because it could not allocate additional memory

Maybe this was due to the MBAM issue? The event viewer said: Error 41 KernelPower System

Any views from other MBAM ers?

  martd7 19:36 27 Jan 2018


Quite a few posts on forum regarding pcs crashing due to high memory usage

  john bunyan 19:45 27 Jan 2018

Working ok now for me; update current so not sure when last one was installed as there seems no way of seeing the history of updates such as is quoted on the MBAM forum that martd7 provided.

Do PC's recover, as mine did on restart?

  alanrwood 20:29 27 Jan 2018

Same problem on all my machines with MWB installed. uninstalled MWB on one and everything seems normal now on that one. Sister in law just rang saying she has same problem. Think I will just leave everything until they have sorted it out tomorrow.

  alanrwood 20:42 27 Jan 2018

Just been to MWB web site and downloaded latest version and it is still the old version.

  AroundAgain 21:02 27 Jan 2018

Current installed version is mb3-setup-consumer-

Ive just downloaded v mb3-setup-consumer- but is this the new, preferred, version, please? What version did you just download, AlanRWood?

  AroundAgain 21:07 27 Jan 2018

Apologies. I've not got the current version as shown above!

This is what I have installed

  martd7 21:07 27 Jan 2018

Works for me

Alan Rwood

If you go to main screen,under scan status "updates current" click on it and it should update to 1.0.3803,to check click settings,select "about" tab

  martd7 21:18 27 Jan 2018

Around again

You have the correct package version Malwarebytes have issued 1.0.3803

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