Is this malware?

  Pineman100 16:41 24 Mar 2006

My Norton Internet Security firewall popped up yesterday and informed me that voblaizdupla.exe was attempting to connect to the internet. Playing it safe, I chose No - Never. This executable file now sits in my list of programs, listed in the firewall as "blocked".
But what is it? Does anyone know if it's a Trojan or malware of any kind? I have searched the knowledge bases at both Symantec and Microsoft, and they produce no results at all.

  VoG II 16:45 24 Mar 2006

It appears to be a new trojan click here

click here

  Pineman100 16:58 24 Mar 2006

I did read the Lockergnome forum (found on Google) but as I know nothing about it, I wanted to get an opinion from a forum I trust (ie: this one!).
What would you do about this trojan? It doesn't appear in my add/remove programs list. Is it safe simply to delete the executable file?

  VoG II 16:59 24 Mar 2006

I would scan with Ewido as advised in my second 'click here'.

  Pineman100 17:08 24 Mar 2006

Sorry, VoG, I didn't spot your second link. I'll try that - many thanks.

  Pineman100 19:09 25 Mar 2006

OK - since my last post on this topic I did the following yesterday evening (Friday):-

Downloaded, updated and scanned with Ewido. It found a few adware cookies, but nothing relating to voblaizdupla.exe .

Updated and ran full scans with all of the following: Norton Internet Security/Antivirus, Microsoft Windows Defender, Adaware SE and Spybot S&D. None of them identified this file as a threat.

Does anyone have any more information about this .exe file, please.

By the way, when I looked in my Internet Explorer Favourites list tonight, all the icone had been changed to a new one that I've never seen before. A globe with a page showing a smaller globe in front of it. Would Ewido have done this, or should I be worried?

Many thanks for anyone's thoughts on this whole topic.

  ACOLYTE 19:17 25 Mar 2006

click here
these seen to think its a trojan,but i dont think anyoone knows for sure what to do with it yet.

  Pineman100 20:14 25 Mar 2006

As you suggested, the Prevx website says that Prevx1 will find and eliminate voblaizdupla.exe. I downloaded it, and ran a full scan - it reported finding nothing! I've checked again and bl**dy voblaizdupla is still there!

Can anyone tell me whether it's safe for me simply to delete the executable file, please?

  ACOLYTE 20:19 25 Mar 2006

Delete it and keep it in the recycle bin a few days
if nothing untoward happens delete it totaly.

  Pineman100 15:44 27 Mar 2006

Voblaizdupla.exe has gone! My earlier response to Acolyte was a load of rubbish - Prevx1 *did* remove the Trojan. The reason I didn't spot this was because I had been looking in my C:\Windows\PREFETCH folder for its signature - and this remained even after the executable file had gone. I have now deleted the contents of my Prefetch folder and this last remnant of the thing had gone. Phew!

Huge thanks to everyone for their help and advice.

  ACOLYTE 16:24 27 Mar 2006

Glad it's sorted)

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