maz2 15:06 02 Dec 2004

My daughter has just phoned me from work a colleague asked her to go into one of the TV auction sites to check on the delivery of some goods she had ordered, When she went on the site a load of pop ups started, and now she can't stop them, she's installed and run ad-aware but they still keep coming, she's also put google pop up blocker on but as she was doing it something called spy spotter started downloading. Do you think it could be a malware programme that had downloaded, I can't tell you exactly what it looks like because as I say she's in work, I don't know whether to tell her to put A2 on or not as of course the PC is her work one, can anyone help

  ACOLYTE 15:13 02 Dec 2004

There is a spyware removal app called spy spotter
i dont know if this is what was dloaded,the best thing if she can, is to disconect from net run adaware and virus scans.Also delete temp internet folders and cookies,i know this may not be possible on a works pc,also spybot sd may be a way to go.

  maz2 15:18 02 Dec 2004

Thanks for that I'll tell her when she comes home, I think she's on the verge of pulling her hair out, she was worried that spy spotter wasn't a genuine programme

  Jackcoms 15:18 02 Dec 2004


"as of course the PC is her work one, can anyone help"

Isn't there a tech team available at her place of work?

  maz2 16:26 02 Dec 2004

no there isn't a team it's a small office, so I'll have to try and sort something out for her

  maz2 17:53 02 Dec 2004

I think it could be a hijack, when she goes on the internet a page comes up that is something to do with smileys it also says common hijack and a file called funweb is going into my computer any help greatly appreciated

  ACOLYTE 18:00 02 Dec 2004

Spybot should find and delete this also adaware should, there is a trojan downloader called funweb
so maybe a virus/trojan scan is advised.

  maz2 18:20 02 Dec 2004

She's run spybot and also deleted temp files, she dleted all files brought up in spybot and it's still there

  Jackcoms 18:43 02 Dec 2004

If your daughter's using an OS with System Restore (such as XP), she should disable it and run full scans with whatever AV and malware protection she has.

As has already been mentioned in this thread Spybot, Adaware and a2 are the best free ones.

Remember to re-enable System Restore after scanning.

Try also click here
and click here to prevent attacks in the first place.

  VCR97 19:07 02 Dec 2004

Spy Spotter click here

  maz2 21:15 02 Dec 2004

I think they are running windows 2000 so I don't think there is a restore on that or is there? I don't know much about it as I havent used it myself, spy spotter did try to download but she switched the pc off, so hopefully that didn't happen, the only probelm is that all the PC's are linked together, I can't understand how it's happened as I know they all have McAfee on which is updated daily

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