yahwob 09:13 19 Apr 2004


I picked up a nasty piece of malware over the weekend that I can’t seem to get rid of. My system was infected with a backdoor Trojan that Norton couldn’t delete and so I followed their removal instructions and that seems to of worked, did a system scan this morning and it said my system was clear. However whenever I run Ad-aware I have around 100 pieces of spyware, trackers etc on the system.

Most of these seem to come from a program called Internet Optimser and it does all sorts of stuff, hijacks my internet explorer window, sets my home page to CoolSearch, it dosen’t matter how many times I reset it to google it’s still back at Cool Search the next time. Casino and porn icons appear on the taskbar etc etc.

I keep trying to delete everything by various means, control panel add/remove programmes, deleting the folders from the C drive but even though it tells me so and so programme has been uninstalled it’s all back again the next time I reboot.

I play online games a lot and within ten minutes now the game crashes because the malware has detected I’m on the internet and tries to open a Internet page!

Any help please to delete this, I use windows xp pro but can’t go back to a restore point as when I deleted the original virus I had to turn system restore off.

  sidecar sid 09:18 19 Apr 2004

This may help

click here

  yahwob 09:35 19 Apr 2004

Thanks but I can't get this link to open.

  SANTOS7 09:36 19 Apr 2004

click here click here these should help, from downloads look at spyware blaster and spybot S&D

  yahwob 10:59 19 Apr 2004

Just been told that installing Norton 2004 and then doing a system scan in safe mode should get rid of this as the 2004 version also includes spyware destoyer.

Is this correct?

  byfordr 19:19 19 Apr 2004

If you have it already wouldn't bother paying for it. Try these all free!

Run the following after downloading and updating, until clean:-
Adaware click here

Spybot click here

Trojan Remover click here

The Cleaner click here

CoolWebShredder & killme (kazaa begone, startup list, hijack this may also be of use) click here or click here

When you are clean add:-

spyware blaster click here

start page guard click here



  LeadingMNMs 19:26 19 Apr 2004

You could also change to a different browser offer than IE since its vunerabilities are being exploited and most code isn't designed to hijack offer browsers As mentioned above also run Ad-aware which should remove all these programs etc on your system. I would start by using a Smart System Scan and then scan the whole drive. Ad-aware may find it necessary to reboot the machine so that it can finish removing any items, this tends to take a while but it gets there in the end.

  SEASHANTY 20:42 19 Apr 2004


  Boy Zone 19:42 27 Apr 2004

check out

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