Mall intrusion??

  madzad 18:46 17 May 2010

Hi, I am fed up with being told Im sending spam mails and finding out my mailbox is full with returned mails unopened.... I think my mail (Hotmail and Googlemail) boxes are being used by a third party spammer.... please help.

Im using win Vista/ Full vers AVG/ trail spywareblaster.

Steve UK

  Woolwell 18:48 17 May 2010

Fairly common problem with hotmail see click here. Change your password asap. Googlemail doesn't seem to have the same problems.

  madzad 11:21 18 May 2010

I tried changing my passwords and nothing changed and now there are over 500 mails perday comming in as mailer damon -undelivered mails.....

Im going mad here,.... please help!!

  lotvic 11:42 18 May 2010

Follow the advice on click here
you need to change your password, if you can't then you need to contact hotmail via the online help. You may need to create a new hotmail address in order to do this.

  Clapton is God 12:42 18 May 2010

It's time to change your e-mail address

  madzad 12:50 18 May 2010

I was considering changing my addresses, I mean Ive had em for around 9 years and more now... shame tho.

But what happens to those who are getting these mails?? I feel as if Ive dumped them in it...?

  Confab 12:57 18 May 2010

Quite often the spam e-mails will be sent from someone else’s computer with your e-mail address listed as the senders address. Changing your passwords etc will make no difference.

Your account probably hasn’t been hacked and there is not much you can do about it other than to change your mailbox settings so that you only receive mails from e-mail address that are known to you.

The spam should stop eventually.

  madzad 13:16 19 May 2010

Thanks for everyones help.. I shall act accordingly over the weekend and maybe reformat too....

steve UK

  lotvic 13:35 19 May 2010

To close your Windows Live Hotmail account:
Here are the instructions on how to close your Hotmail account:

1. Visit click here

2. Sign in by using your Windows Live ID and password.

3. Under Additional options click close account.

4. Under Verify your identity to close your account: type in your password and click yes

5. You will then receive: "Cannot close mailto:[email protected], as there is a Microsoft email account associated with your account."

6. Click "Close your Microsoft account."

7. Click "Close my account." You will receive the following message: "Your account has been closed and scheduled for deletion."

That’s all there is to it

(from click here )

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