maler is in windows /help with stripping pc

  Jade 14 G 12:11 21 Jun 2006

After all the help and different programs l downloaded l now have the malor in windows.
Ewido that scanned it all is now saying its inactive so it maybe wants you to pay. But its along time since l stripped pc down and am not sure how to do it.
I realy thought l had got rid of it till a big red screen welcomed me this morning telling me l had one and its costing me lots but it was in dollers, feel like ditching this pc as now its the fifth day that l have been trying to get rid of it and my work has got well behind,could some one just tell me the correct way to strip it.

  johndrew 15:21 21 Jun 2006

Some of us are willing to help but are not aware of your problem or what you have done to date. Can you insert a link to your previous post?

  jimv7 15:31 21 Jun 2006
  mattyc_92 15:40 21 Jun 2006

If you want to get rid of it completely, I would format (backup all your personal files such as "My Documents" beforehand). You need to boot from your "PC Recovery Disc" or "Windows Installation Disc" and reinstall Windows as your drive will be completely empty.

I would however, wait for someone else who might have another idea that doesn't mean formatting your system before thinking of this.

Post back to this thread (or contact me via the yellow envolope) if you need more detailled instructions on how to format

  johndrew 15:58 21 Jun 2006

You should be able to get most of what you need from here if you haven`t already click here

You should also get click here the Trend Micro Cleanup Engine and click here the latest ipt file.

Make certain that you have all the latest updates.

I suggest you start your PC in Safe Mode and run CWShredder first followed by Trend Micro SysClean, the latter takes some time to complete. If it stalls (unusual but some malware can cause it) simply stop the process and re-start.

Then do a scan with HiJackThis and save a file.

Re-start the PC and post the HJT log click here looking for any definite `nasty` results. If you get any follow the instructions and `fix` them. You may have to go back into Safe Mode to ensure this works properly as some malware cannot be fixed if it is running.

You should then do a full scan ideally in Safe Mode with A2, Ad-Aware and Spybot S&D.

To be really confident give Ewido another online check and/or run this click here disinfection package.

I have found this click here to be a good source of help as is this click here

Having done all this ensure all your malware protection is always right up to date.

Hope this sorts your problems.

  rodriguez 16:00 21 Jun 2006

Hit it with a big inflatable England hammer...many times... and if that don't work, do what johndrew said :-D

  Jade 14 G 16:37 21 Jun 2006

Well l might have cracked it l hope after being trying all day. This large red screen that keeps coming on when l go online and scaring you with what it says has a icon in my toolbar so with all the stuff l downloaded at the weekend l thought l had downloaded it but what l hadn't done was give details as all its got is internet typed in a box and it won't let you type anything in.
But it scared me as l thought after all the days l was sorting it. So went looking for recovery disc which was always in a box in a top cuboard but as l have rsd l decided a while ago to put it somewhere easy for me but just like a woman l can't remember lol but searched all over then my brain woke up and got ewido to scan which l know should have done first and did the full scan and it was clear. But still worried that it won't do anything with the spyware it picked up sunday unless you pay for the full thing.
After l did the scan l went offline then back again and THIS RED THING CAME ON AGAIN and in capitals so it looks like l am clear but l rang aol up to ask if they change dial up numbers and the answer was the first ones 0808 are never changed but if we are busy we change the next set to the next number to get you online.
I know most people moan about aol and l did 5 yrs ago and tried 2 broardbands but they were useless but aol in the last few years is ok and its only seconds for getting online and one good thing with them today is they took another £4 off my monthly payment so it costs me £8.99 a month which can't be bad. Have only got one malwere just now and thats ewido, its there another good one you know

  johndrew 16:52 21 Jun 2006

If you look at this post click here you should find a sett that will keep you safe online provided you keep it up to date. All that I recommended I use and it`s all free.

  Jade 14 G 17:00 21 Jun 2006

Thank you very much, am going to do it now and at least it gives me a bit of time to look for my recovery disc and then will have a few days off from the pc lol.
Thank you again

  jimv7 17:02 21 Jun 2006

Try A2 free, there are almost daily updates

Turn off system restore before running any of the adaware/malware programmes, if in doubt run the scans in safe mode, press f8 as the puter starts and choose 'safe mode' from the menu.

  Jade 14 G 17:16 21 Jun 2006

As ewido won't do anything with what it catches unless you get the full one l need one or two malwere programs, on sunday ewido got 71 spyware and spybot came up with 106.75 but only three were bad and they were deleted.
I always use AVG FREEONE, spybot but download the new one, use zone fire alarm and windows one ewido till l find a full program. Have a squared but it won't work with aol spamware so that has to go and use microsoft spywarer but its never found anything so never trust it.
So if its best l need another spywarer, malwer and then should be ok so any help on those would be very gratefull and the person with the inflatable England hammer, if l have anymore of this pc it will be a big real one :)

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