Male Rule

  Macaonasa 13:55 19 Apr 2003

I have an Outlook Express mail rule to delete spam from the server. Why does it still come
down from the server to my Deleted Items folder?

  powerless 13:59 19 Apr 2003

You have to choose "Do not download from server" have you done this?

"Delete it" will send it to the Delete folder.

  Macaonasa 14:37 19 Apr 2003

I have chosen "Delete it from server" which I would expect to be the most hostile action. By the way, I don't know how I typed "Male Rule" as the subject to this thread; I'm sure you'll know I meant "Mail". Freudian slip.

  powerless 14:42 19 Apr 2003

Well you have to remember that SPAM comes from thousands of email addresses. So the spam you receiving is from another email address so thats how it gets through.

  Macaonasa 14:59 19 Apr 2003

I'm not referring to spam that gets through to my Inbox.

  powerless 15:06 19 Apr 2003


Describe what you are doing to prevent the spam.

Also you have your work cut out, its best just to delte them as they arrive.

  tbh72 15:30 19 Apr 2003

When you fill in the "Messages From" line of the rule try and only include the words after the @ symbol.

for example

;jfdgadjhf; should be changed to this will block all messages from a well known spam operator!!!!

  Macaonasa 17:58 19 Apr 2003

Almost all of my spam comes with foreign characters in the subject line. My rule orders such e-mails to be "Deleted from server". I presume this means I should see no evidence of them at all; the problem is that they go to my Deleted Items folder.

  britianicus 18:07 19 Apr 2003

I completely agree that we the "Male" of the species rule. Definitely agree with you there my son although Mr FE might move this as it may be considered "off topic" to put wimmin in their rightful place. ;-)

  DieSse 18:13 19 Apr 2003

Do your rules also include "Do not download from server"?

  DieSse 18:15 19 Apr 2003

Sorry - missed that earlier comment about the same.

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