Male DVI-D cable from monitor to male VGA

  Quiet Life 22:50 02 Nov 2017

I have a monitor with a male VGA output and male DVI-D output. The graphics card on my PC broke. This previously used the male VGA output and I now use the male VGA output cable to the on board graphics. I need to convert the male DVI-D cable to male VGA but I am not able to locate a female DVI-D (24+1 cable) to male VGA. Is there such a converter? Ineed this for a laptop that I sometimes connect to the larger screen monitor. Geriatric

  KEITH 1955 23:41 02 Nov 2017

have you googled what you are looking for , you would be amazed at just how many male/male and male/female combinations are available for all different types of cables.

  Quiet Life 23:46 02 Nov 2017

That is why I posted as there is everything but what I needed. Geriatric

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 00:32 03 Nov 2017

VGA is analog DVI is digital

most of the so call adaptor cables don't work

  Quiet Life 18:02 03 Nov 2017

Just noticed I have an HDMI output so HDMI to DVI-D cable no problem and only about £5

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