malawarebytes download - free or what?.

  spuds 10:38 24 Dec 2013

Having had a possible malware problem with another computer running XP, I attempted to download MalwareBytes, and noticed that I may have been re-directed to the cnet website. CNET may have caused the previous problem. So I did not continue further with CNET.

Going to either the FileHippo or MajorGeeks websites (forget which), I downloaded MalawareBytes, then commenced a full scan on the computer. I left the scan to run, which it completed 2/4 hours later. Twenty suspect items came up for removal, including PUPS.

SuperAntiSpyware, which I normally use, did not show these suspect's on a full or critical scan.

Today (less than 14 hours later) I am being informed that the trial period of MalwareBytes as now expired. I understood that the download was a free version, so what as gone wrong?.

Is there a free version which the computer will except without further expiry pop-ups?.

  onthelimit1 10:56 24 Dec 2013

When you install malwarebytes, the final screen has 3 boxes one of which says Free Trial. You need to untick that one, you will be left with the free version

  spuds 11:18 24 Dec 2013


Thanks for that, it looks like I may have missed something, because I cannot recall seeing 3 tick boxes on the download used.

Back to the drawing board for another attempt :O)

  iscanut 11:30 24 Dec 2013

I have had this before with the free download. I just ignored it and it eventually stopped appearing.

  spuds 12:05 24 Dec 2013

What I have done, is to go to the MajorGeeks website and check from there. It showed the downloads at shareware status, so I went direct to Malwarebytes website direct.

It showed two options, of either downloading a free version or the PRO version. I seem to read that the PRO version might be on offer as a trial version for 14 days?.

Downloaded the free version, and I am now running a full scan (again) on the problem computer. Its now a case of wait and see what happens.

One thing that I found interesting, was that I used Revo to remove the previous downloads including remnants, but I still have 1 to 4 MalwareBytes showing in the download/document section on XP. So again it it could be a wait and see situation, if I get the trial period expiry pop-up again. Keeping iscanut2 comment in mind.

  rdave13 14:02 24 Dec 2013

Hello spuds , have a look here, especially daledoc1's reply (second post).

  spuds 15:31 24 Dec 2013


Thanks for the link, much appreciated. Very strange, the install pictures where not like the downloads I used, including the one direct from MalwareBytes website. There was no tick box or mention for a trial version of PRO.

The only thing on the webpage was either the Free or PRO buttons. Thinking about it, I now assume had I clicked on the PRO button, then I would have had the trial option, possibly with the three tick boxes?.

What I still cannot understand, is why the pop-up told me the trial had expired, yet I had only loaded it about 14 hours earlier?.

Anyway, the latest download I installed earlier, and full scan that I started, have been running now for 3hours 48minutes plus with no infections or objects detected so far. So the previous download and scan must have done the job?.

  rdave13 16:00 24 Dec 2013

spuds, did you notice the link for mbam-clean.exe? First time I have come across it so I assume its a removal tool as you get with AV's. Worth noting if you need to totally remove mbam cleanly. Two things I won't use Revo for is removing security programs and any Microsoft programs. Past problems :(

  spuds 16:08 24 Dec 2013

rdave13, I am keeping that in mind about clean removal, after I see what is happening with the 3hour 56minute 2seconds scan that's just finished. Thanks again.

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