Making a Win7 USB instal drive

  bumpkin 16:16 19 Dec 2014

I wish to instal Win7 via a USB drive. I don't think that I can just copy the CD onto it. Can anyone tell me the easiest way to do it please.

  tullie 17:27 19 Dec 2014

Im sure you will get answers but one thing to consider is,will your computer boot from your usb drive?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:15 19 Dec 2014
  bumpkin 18:37 19 Dec 2014

There is an option to boot from USB in BIOS so I would think so but not tried it. I can't use the CD to either boot from or copy the data as the drive just ejects it for some reason which is why I want to try USB. Reading through the link it would seem that I need to download an ISO file and put it on the USB drive if I understand correctly.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:49 19 Dec 2014

Yes make the drive bootable and download an iso file same as your original from Digital rivers make sure you have your serial key (25 digit)

  bumpkin 19:01 19 Dec 2014

Lots of PC problems lately. I will try to elaborate on the original problem in case there are other solutions. W7 failing to boot or taking ages to do so and then incredible slow to do anything at all or just freezing.

Tried to re-instal from the CD but it just keeps ejecting, tried 2 different CD drives.

At one point there was an error message relating to memory. tried running the Windows memory checker and it said OK but problem persisted.

Tried to run Memtest overnight from a bootable CD but once again in just ejects and says no disk in the drive.

  bumpkin 19:05 19 Dec 2014

Cross posted with Fruitbat. Will try that next.

  bumpkin 19:18 19 Dec 2014

Is this the correct one? Win7 Home Premium x86 X17-58996.iso

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:46 19 Dec 2014

That's the 32bit version next one down is the 64bit version (58997)

  bumpkin 20:54 19 Dec 2014

thanks, that is the right one then 32bit

  bumpkin 20:56 19 Dec 2014

2 Hrs to download it, is that realistic?

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