rosie12 15:44 07 Dec 2005

Hi, I want to make a basic webpage to go into my e-bay listings, i know that i can use their ones but i want to design my own. I have gor Photoshop CS2....but is it best to do it in word or Photoshop?....Thanks

  Charence 15:54 07 Dec 2005

If you're going to make some graphics (logos, etc) its best to use Photoshop, although if you like some of the features of Word, you can do it there. You could even copy some of your work from Word into Photoshop if you wish. I'm not sure how eBay works, but I'm assuming that they require a bit more than graphical elements. You could make a webpage in Word, however, if you have other programs such as MS FrontPage, its better to use them.

NVU is also a web site making program click here (it's free!)


  ade.h 17:04 07 Dec 2005

Do not whatever you do try to make a web page in Word, even a basic one. It has this capability, yes, but it will have so many HTML coding errors that it will rarely diplay properly. You can forget having good cross-browser support too. If you don't want to pay for a web-authoring program - and in your case, you can probably get away without doing so - then follow Charence's link and get NVU, or perhaps a free trial of NOF. click here

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