Making a video file from an ISO disc image, free hopefully.

  Siberian Winter 22:57 17 Jul 2013

My story :- I decided to by a boxed set of a TV series from Amazon. Because my Dell XPS8300 had a Blu-Ray drive I decided to buy Blu-Ray discs. Big mistake. Because my monitor only has analogue input, PowerDVD won't play them. So I got a 21-day demo of Slysoft's anyDVD, which allowed me to play the discs and also to rip the disc as a .iso image. AnyDVD is expensive to buy, so I downloaded another of Slysoft's products - a freebie called Virtual Clonedrive which allows me to mount the iso image onto a virtual drive and watch the discs. OK that's good. However I thought that it would also be good if I could create an mp4 file from the image to view the program on my kindle. I found 2 programs which do that, but until you pay for them the videos are watermarked. Prominently, right in the middle of the picture. If I thought I'd be doing this a lot I'd probably buy the software but it's a one-off really. Does anyone know a free program which can do this? Gratitude for any suggestions.

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