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  swanny2 00:56 09 Jul 2008

My cats just had kittens i used my camera on Record mode, as i filmed her at birth. now ive got the video in my windows media player,what i wish too know is. how do i put this then onto a dvd so i can share the great moment . i have plenty of dvds blank .

winows xp.

  Dragon_Heart 04:41 09 Jul 2008

Many free video editing titles exist on the web ( and in the downloads sections of this very website ) that enable you to transfer raw video to CD & DVD. Do you wish to play it on a stand alone DVD player or just your PC ?

If you use Windows XP you can use Movie Maker. Did you get any video software with your camera ?

Copy the video from the camera to your hard drive and look how big the file is and then report back.

  swanny2 12:58 09 Jul 2008

thanks for the reply. i want it on a dvd so i can show the family. i have Nero!!!. the video is n my media player right now .says kittens if i click on it i can view it on the media player. i need now to know how too put it on a dvd,it lasts for just over 4 mins. i dont mind useing a full dvd for it.

  bobbybluenose 15:32 09 Jul 2008

can you not drag it from media player and drop it into Nero and the burn to DVD.

  tullie 16:16 09 Jul 2008

If you want to watch it on tv,you will have to convert it.You really havent got a choice regarding a full dvd have you,they only cost a few pence anyway.Have a look at DVD Santa,there are many others though.

  DieSse 12:19 10 Jul 2008

Windows Movie Maker (which is standard in XP, will probably do what you want. It depends on what format the video is in now - it may need a conversion.

WMM is very easy to use. You could make a VCD or SVCD and output to a CD - cheaper than a DVD.

  swanny2 13:23 10 Jul 2008

Thanks all but how do i determine what dormat its in. i tryed dragging it but says inser dvd in e drive i did this but nothing happened.

  DieSse 13:31 10 Jul 2008

"Thanks all but how do i determine what dormat its in"

What letters are in the filename after the dot?

  Dragon_Heart 01:42 12 Jul 2008

If it was recorded via a standard digital camera then it's PROBABLY in AVI format but if you used a camera phone it may be in MPEG. Try :-

click here


click here

  swanny2 10:09 12 Jul 2008

Hi mate . Yes i took it on my Digial camera
then opened it in Picaso then sent it too Media Player. now im stuck at this point too put it on a Dvd

  Les28 16:20 12 Jul 2008

I'm guessing Picasa has copied the file from your camera and saved a copy on your computers hard drive, most probably in My Videos folder which is in My Documents. The file kittens might play in Windows Media Player but the actual file that's being played is saved most probably in My Videos folder. Have a look there first and see if the file is there in My Videos.

Otherwise when it's playing in Windows Media Player click File top left of screen menu bar then select Properties then from the File page you should see its location and file type.

I have Picasa2 if I click on My Videos on the left of Picasa screen it will show all my videos if I just do a single left click on the videos thumbnail small image on the right of the screen it will show all details about the video I clicked on.

You will need to find its location on your hard drive so that when you use Nero you need to be able to tell Nero where the file is that you want to burn to DVD. I have Nero 6 and to make a DVD I open Nero Vision Express3 and select to make a video DVD and that I want to Add Video files, I then search for the file I want and click open and its added to NVE3, then just follow the prompts to make a DVD.

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