Making use of internal USB

  jack 14:59 28 Nov 2004

I have availed my self of a USB 2 PCI card.
I noew put all significant externals onto this which is fine.leaving the internal connector free.

I have a Hama hub now empty connected to one of the
USB1 ports.

Can it now transfer the hub[which has some form of internal circuitry] to that spare USB2 socket with good effect or will it destroy itself or waht?

  Technotiger 15:16 28 Nov 2004

Hi, I too have a usb2 pci card, I attach a Belkin 7-port hub with no ill effect. I bought the pci card because previously when I attached my Belkin it did bring up a box saying it would be better attached to a usb2 port. Cheers.

  Rioja 16:12 28 Nov 2004

Not sure about this but if you connect an USB1 spec. device to one of the USB2 ports does this not cause the other USB2 ports to only run at USB1 speeds?

Perhaps someone with more knowledge could clarify.



  Technotiger 16:27 28 Nov 2004

Rioja .... negetive!

  Spark6 21:47 28 Nov 2004

If your new USB2 card has rear ports and one internal port, the internal one can be used to connect a fixed, front mounted, 5 port hub. Very useful, saves reaching around the back of the PC.

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  woodchip 21:53 28 Nov 2004

Internal USB is normally for card reader's to fit in the front of the case in a CD Drive bay

  Technotiger 23:29 28 Nov 2004

Hi all, woodchip - I think you may be thinking of the usb connection on the mobo, while I think Spark6 is talking about the internal usb socket on the pci card. Beg pardon if I am wrong:-)

jack - I think it is safe to go ahead!!

  Rtus 23:38 28 Nov 2004

Internal USB headers are in fact for front or rear additional USB ports & can be used for usb Card readers /usb printers /usb cameras etc The only problem to watch for is current used by devices attached (usb modems & Mobo's via chipsets)the current limit 100ma for each channel.using a powered hub (thats with a power adapter plugged in to it)the current can be 500ma

  jack 14:21 29 Nov 2004

Thanks you all for that valuable advice abd opinions
To clear the air when talking about 'internal USB I am talking abou an actual socket on the PCI card
but facing inward. - NOT a MoBo header.
Will give it a bash see what happens

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