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  lazanda 12:29 12 Dec 2006

After the endless battle with the PC virus and hijackers I am thinking of switching to a macbook. The only problem is I know absolutley nothing about them whatsoever.

Can anyone tell me any do's or don'ts (including do it, or don't do it!) and any tips on buying one? I currently use outlook/word/excel etc quite a bit and do the odd bit of video viewing although I am not into editing anymore. I also upkeep my website using frontpage 2000. I am mainly a personal PC user with a small amout of use for my business.

Should I go mac will I need to convert all this stuff and buy heaps of new software? Any tips would be much appreciated.

Thanks everyone,


  rawprawn 12:51 12 Dec 2006

I am very impressed by Mac's. They have all their own software, but the new ones will run windows as well so you wouldn't have a transfer problem. I think you can try them for 30 days free.
I haven't got a Mac but I am seriously considering it when I next change my old Dell.(5 years old this Xmas)
I don't know where you live, but look for an Apple shop near you. There is one in the Trafford Centre nr Manchester, and it is worth paying a visit to have a play around and get the feel of them.

  Kate B 13:01 12 Dec 2006

Macs are lovely - they just work and they don't get viruses and other nastyware. Your version of Office won't work with your new Mac, though, unless you buy a copy of XP and set up a dual boot on the Mac with OSX (which you can do with Apple's Boot Camp software). However, rather than shell out and mess about with a dual boot system, you could use the Mac version of Open Office click here - if there isn't yet a version of it for the Intel Macs there soon will be.

All the usual formats work on a Mac: if you have a zillion jpgs, they'll be fine on the Mac. The only thing I'm not sure about is Frontpage but I'm sure someone else will be able to advise.

I use both a Windows machine and a two-year-old Mac laptop and they network with each other fine and I have no problems at all with them. If you're fed up with the hassle of maintaining a Windows installation and don't want to play games, go for the Mac.

I do suggest that you go and play with one in a shop - ideally an Apple Store if you're near one as the staff there are great; otherwise I'd suggest John Lewis. The Mac OS takes a little getting used to as some of the terminology is different but essentially it's similar enough to Windows for the transition to be painless.

  Technotiger 13:38 12 Dec 2006

Hi, my son uses a Mac to produce his own Sports Magazine in Lanzarote - something like Frontpage?

click here

  lazanda 10:46 13 Dec 2006

Thanks again everyone. This gives me enough info to be going on with.

Best Wishes


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