Making rules in Microsoft Outlook.

  starlet 09:14 09 Feb 2003

We are running Win 2000, Office 2000, I want to setup my e-mails to go into my computer, and my wifes to go into her computer we are networked,using M/Outlook. we have had it setup and running good in O/E with the help of (Mr Mouse) but now I have installed a program to stop spam mail and it is a very good program, click here but it will only run in M/Outlook at this time. I have tried most of the Rules in Rules Wizard and the best I can get is to forward them to my wifes computer but then I get a copy back to my computer. can anyone explain to me any way I can get it to work better for me please.

Regards Starlet.

  Spencus 11:37 09 Feb 2003

This works very well with O/E click here

  starlet 16:06 10 Feb 2003

Thanks Spencus,
My wife is totally blind and is trying to use all of the M/S Office programs, the problem is when spam and popups come into the computer her computer cannot tell her they are there and she cannot work. we have found the spam program that we have installed is one that is very easy for the blind to use, but we still have the problem of getting each others e-mail into each computer this is were we need someones help.



  Ben Avery (Work) 16:36 10 Feb 2003

What ISP account are you using?

The easiest thing to do to setup the different email addresses into each computer. This way only the emails addressed to you will arrive at your computer and the same goes for your wife's computer.

I assume you have two networked PC's through the same Phone line/Cable box?

You will need to make a note of your "pop" & "smtp" settings and any other server info found in the "tools" "accounts" section.

  Ben Avery (Work) 16:45 10 Feb 2003

If like me you used ntlworld, you would delete all accounts.

As memory serves:

Select Options, Accounts, Add New Mail Account and you will be asked for the following info:

1) Display Name - e.g. "John Smith"

2) Email Address - type YOUR email address here ONLY. e.g. "[email protected]"

3) POP (Incoming Mail Server) - e.g. "" (get this from your current account settings as on a network it could be a number like

4) SMTP (Outgoing Mail Server) - e.g. "" (get this from your current account settings as on a network it could be a number like

5) Account Name - e.g. "john.smith" (check current settings)

6) Password - ******* etc

Then you can go into the account on the Account options and change the reply address etc if necessary.

N.B. If you use Norton antivirus, you will either have to reconfigure it to check incoming/outgoing mail using the NAV Options page or change your POP Settings to "" or as stated in your current configuration.

Hope this helps!


  Ben Avery (Work) 16:49 10 Feb 2003

I can't remember if Outlook gives you this option or not, but assuming at present you have both accounts setup on each PC, is there a tick box in the account options which says something like "Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing"?

If so, only check the account who's PC it is then the others will not download.


  starlet 17:32 10 Feb 2003

We are using Freeserve, my address could be [email protected]
My wife's could be [email protected]
in O/E the rule was set to only download each name into each computer. but in M/S Outlook we dont have this option to set up I have tried all the rules and the e-mails still come into the first computer that is turned on.
Your last point "Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing"? this check box is checked on both computers.
we have setup a new e-mail with fsmail for my wife but this can only be accessed on the web page not through Outlook or O/E and my wife cannot navigate through F/S webpage I don't want to change my e-mail if I can help it.

  starlet 21:09 10 Feb 2003


Hello again starlet, I had a chance to look at outlook today, and I can give you a suggestion to try. I am not sure this will work, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Right, on both machines open Outlook and go to Tools then Options, click on the Mail Delivery tab and select the "accounts" button. Make sure that you have selected the "mail" tab in the box that opens, and double click on your mail account (or click once and select properties). Then under the advanced tab, put a tick in the box for "Leave a copy of messages on the server". Click on ok all the way back to Outlook.

Next, and this part should be the same for each machine, select Tools then "Rules Wizard", click new and select "check messages when they arrive", then next. Tick the "where my name is in the to or cc" box, and click on next, then tick "move it to the specified folder" and then click on the word "specified" which should have appeared in the bottom window. Select your inbox, and click on next, and unless you wish to add any extra parameters, next again. Give your rule a name, and click on finish.

You may wish to uncheck any other rules you have been trying while you check if this works. I am hoping that what will happen, is that by default all your mail will be left on the server, then the rule will run and move each persons mail to there own inbox, thus clearing the servers cache.

I must be honest and say this may not work though, however please let me know, as I may be able to modify it a bit if not.

Good Luck. Regards, Mr. Mouse.

  jazzypop 21:45 10 Feb 2003

The basic trick is to examine each email as it comes in. If the 'To:' field contains 'john', do nothing (let it be delivered). If the 'To:' field contains 'mary', forward it to Mary.

I have just stepped through this with Outlook 2002.

1. Click on Tools > Rules Wizard

2. Click New to start a new message rule (ensure that your Inbox is selected in the top drop-down box).

3. Select 'start a blank rule', and 'check messages when they arrive' > Next

4. Scroll down and tick 'with specific words in the recipient's address', then click the 'specific words' link in the bottom pane. Type mary in the top box that pops up, click Add, then OK. > Next

5. Tick the option 'forward it to people or distribution list'. Click the 'people or distribution list' link in the lower box, and choose your wife's email address from the popup box that appears. > Next

6. Click Next at the Exceptions box.

7. Give the rule a meaningful name, and make sure that 'turn on this rule' is ticked.

When this rule is applied, any email that you download addressed to Mary @ freeserve will be automatically forwarded to her address. Therefore a copy will be waiting for her, when she next downloads her mail.

Please let us know if any part of the above does not work, or does not make sense.

  jazzypop 21:50 10 Feb 2003

My apologies - I forgot to refresh the thread between starting and finishing (and testing) my post, and therefore didn't see yoour post :)

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