Making a Partition on a HDD.

  catpwss 14:26 21 Dec 2012

Hi,I'm using windows 7 home premium with two HDD one is C and the other is E. The C is of course the main one with the OS on it,Also has all my programs. That's all is on that drive,It's a 500gb and the OS takes up 54gb now the rest is just empty space.

Drive E,That's where all my Documents/Music/Pictures/Video are.That drive is a 2TB HDD. Now regarding the empty space on the C drive,Would it be possible to partition that off from the OS section and have about 300gb of spare to store something rather than leave it empty.

Also I have a weekly backup of the OS by means of a Macrium backup software,That is backed up to the E drive. Then also the E drive is also backed up to an external HDD.

Is there any help on this if possible,Its got to be easy I'm not very technically minded regarding computing.

Many thanks in advance.

  lotvic 14:45 21 Dec 2012

I successfully did that using Free EaseUS® Partition Master 9.2.1 Home Edition but took the precaution of making an image of original C and storing image on different harddrive before I shrank the C to leave space for a separate partition.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:11 21 Dec 2012

The only advantage of shrinking the op system partition (c:) is that your image of that partition can be made and restored quicker.

You can do it with windows 7 own disk management but always make a back up first.

One way of partitioning a large drive is to have:

C: for the op system

another partition for installing programs

and a third to store your data (music docs emails etc.)

Always back up to another physical drive (not a partition on the same drive) (and preferably an external drive),

if /when the drive fails then your stuck with no back up to restor from

  catpwss 09:33 22 Dec 2012

FruitBat.Thanks for the reply. Regarding using W7 to partition my C drive,can you Please give me some info,When I right click on the C drive select 'shrink volume'Then a box comes on screen with some figures. Now what I want to do is,100gb for the OS and have 300gb of free space. What figures would I have to enter in the box to achieve that method of mine. Also I would have to format that 300gb section how does one do that?. Hope you understand my plan.Hope you can assist me out here. Thanks very Much.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:50 22 Dec 2012

100GB = 102400MB so if shrinking by 300GB that's 307200 its the same for W7

note you may have to defrag first.

to format all you do is right click the partition and select format - it won't let you format the C:\ drive with the op system on it.

  catpwss 11:55 22 Dec 2012

Hi Thanks for reply.Did that with your figures and the partition only showed 39.5GB. Assist Please.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:06 22 Dec 2012

did you miss a 0 off?

  catpwss 12:30 22 Dec 2012

No I entered '' 307200''. Thanks for being patient

  catpwss 13:04 22 Dec 2012

Hi this the box I get up. Image...[IMG][/IMG]

In the white box I entered 307000

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:15 22 Dec 2012

2457600 I'm mixing my bits and bytes again:0)

  catpwss 14:21 22 Dec 2012

Do you mean to enter that figure in the box?

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