Making Old PC bit Faster Athlon CPU 200 FSB

  DJ-Garry 11:53 08 Sep 2007

Hi guys.
My parents have an old pc i built for them maybe 6 - 7 years ago. It has a Giga-Byte GA-7IXE4 mobo with a Duron 700Mhz cpu and 640Mb P133 SDRAM. From the mobo specs it can take up to 768Mb of RAM (not gonna be much improvement there) and up to an Athlon 1500+ Palamino cpu. (click here)
Problem is I can't find any cpu's that are on a 200Mhz FSB, only a 1300 DURON on ebay (click here).
If i'm gonna do this, I want to make it as good as possible and I don't think there will enogh benifit from what seems available at the moment.
Does anyone know a place I can get a 200FSB cpu for not much dosh?

I know I have the option of changing the mobo and getting a more up to date cpu AND RAM but I want to fully explore this avenue first.

Cheers, Garry

  Belatucadrus 12:04 08 Sep 2007

You haven't mentioned the graphics, if it's using on-board then adding a VGA card could be worth looking at, it'd take some of the load off the CPU and effectively increase the RAM by freeing up whatever was allocated to it.

  DJ-Garry 12:07 08 Sep 2007

It has got a VERY basic PCI graphics card but it's only running a 14" CRT monitor and not using system RAM.

It's the CPU I want to get sorted. There must be someone who has these things....
As fast as I can get ATHLON to run on a 200 FSB.

  woodchip 12:59 08 Sep 2007

It would be better to get a CPU and Mobo Package, Cheaper and faster, As yu say you are limited on upgrads with such a old system.

This would be better

click here

or click here only thing is on this one it's Linux OS

  cream. 13:10 08 Sep 2007

You do not have to put a 200Mhz cpu in. You could put in a 266Mhz 0r 333Mhz cpu and it will run at 200Mhz.

See if you can find any cpu's that go up to 15X. You could go upto a click here and run it at 1.5Ghz.

  woodchip 13:12 08 Sep 2007

He is already running a 700Mhz CPU he is on about Front Side Bus speed at 200

  DJ-Garry 13:19 08 Sep 2007


Right, if I go for a new mobo, cpu and RAM......

I've seen a very cheap mobo on eBuyer, got good reviews, takes a dual core AMD chip and DDR2 RAM, has ATA & SATA, LAN, ob sound & graphics but has graphics slot too in a mini ATX form.
List of Mobo's here (click here)

And it was either this one (click here)

or this one (click here)

am I going to be able to just put it in my case and XP treat it as just an upgrade????

  woodchip 13:21 08 Sep 2007

Is the XP disc a full or OEM disc or What?????

  woodchip 13:24 08 Sep 2007

PS best thing about the first link I posted, You do not have to shop round it's got a warrenty for twelve months and it should work out of the box . VISTA already loaded, Dual layer Burner check it out

  DJ-Garry 13:30 08 Sep 2007

I think it's a full disc but REALLY don't want to do a re-install of XP. It would take me ages to find all their stuff that they need to back up first and loading all the programs that get used, I REALLY REALLY don't want to do a re-install, not least to mention the time involved.

The system on eBuyer looks good but it's well out of their price range. The mobo, cpu and RAM i looked at can be got for about £80 or so on ebuyer and ebay.

Do you think XP pro will treat it kindly??

  woodchip 13:32 08 Sep 2007

If you fit a new motherboard , you need to do a full install. As drivers for the old board would not support the new one.

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